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  1. Fabio Kopp

    C/++/# How to integrate when one of the limits is a variable?

    I'm trying to integrate a simple function (x*y) using the Romberg method. Question 1: I want to integrate only x and maintain the argument y present in the rest of calculation, like a global variable. In fortran 77 I would use common. Question 2: How to integrate using arguments in the...
  2. Fabio Kopp

    How to obtain a function from gsl library integration?

    I am having some problems to use the gsl library. I do the integration via monte carlo and I have obtained the right result, but a need to know how to use this result when I have a dependence on another variable. For example, f(x,y)=x*y, but the integration is only on x. Because I want to...
  3. Fabio Kopp

    Problem to derive the KG propagator

    Homework Statement I'm using the text-book Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory [Robert D. Klauber] and I don't know how to get the function (k0) (3-134) present in the figure below. http://[url=][PLAIN] [Broken]...
  4. Fabio Kopp

    Is there a w+(L or R)?

    I was studying the interaction of Higgs field with the Right-Handed particles, and I don't know how to determine the quantum numbers before and after the boson W+- interaction with the component of Higgs scalar Field (h0). I am following the Halzen's book. The h0 has the following quantum...