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    General Integral rules

    Homework Statement Solve (e^(x^2))` , use this result to solve §5x*e^(x^2)dx Homework Equations * is multiply ` is derive 1.§e^xdx=e^x+C 2.§e^kxdx=1/k*e^kx+C 3.§a^xdx=1/ina*a^x+C (a is a number) 4.§k*f(x)dx=k*§f(x)dx The Attempt at a Solution (I'm alittle confused as to...
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    Probability with independent outcomes

    Jeeserssweesers(for a lack of a better word), probability is confusing. Homework Statement A family has three children, no twins or.. that same just with three. a| What is the chance that all the children are girls. Homework Equations The chapter here shows the equtations...
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    Independent Probability

    uh, I mean probability with independent outcomes, heh. Homework Statement A wheel I'm spinning twice has 8 different colours(among them the colour red). It will then give two different outcomes. Q: What is the probability that the outcome will give the colour red at least once. The...
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    Probability of invites homework

    Sorry about not having the right writing way on the definitions, I'll update that soon. Homework Statement A woman takes a.. drawing among her 11 friends(ie 0 to 11 might arivve. Also 6 are women and 5 are men). What is the probability that by conincidence is as much women as men among...
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    Small piece of probability

    Homework Statement A club for 18 members, among them Frank. They'll pick out a komitee of 5 members. (a. How many different komitees is produced? Easy, just the binom. 18 over 5.) b, How many if Franks in? (The question) Homework Equations (Unarranged sortments with no takebacks)...
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    Different (easy) math questions before my exam

    different (easy) math questions before my exam :) 1. 1. Homework Statement : Write as simple as possible: 2 sinv cosv-sinv ------------------ cos^2v-sin^2v-cosv+1...
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    Studying computers.

    What's the point in studying technology anyway? Isn't the point that it just makes us lazyier and more comfortable? :p
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    What's the difference between a

    .... (major, eg. a religious) conviction accompanied by a happy feeling, and a conviction accompanied by a sad/heavy feeling? I mean. When you believe something strongly, you are happy with your conviction, and it drives you forward and it gives you life. But when you don't, your life can...
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    Importance of words vs importance of talent

    I'm gonna ask a personal question. But wouldn't suprise me as also a classical philosophical question. And which I thus also really believe others have benefit from also. I'll also ask it through 'I' form, through me, so to to deliberately make it more alive. It has a general philosophical side...
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    Your 1984* nightmare

    * The name from George Orwell's Book/Nightmare Many people in usa loose their lives from poordom of bad economy sharing. I fear that usa is going into a 1984 state, like a country that goes to war to outside countries so to take focus away on the nightmare inside, and a country gouverned by...
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    This or that?

    Are you one of those who has to mean what you do in real life. Or do you allow yourself to have completely different moral principles compared to what you do in real life? Or which side are you inclined towards?
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    News Teh Arnold

    oh wow! He Won! [?] :smile:
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    Men's magazines

    Why is there gazzillion of straight/normal magazines for women, and not a single one for men ? For men, Either you have these really harry party magazines lotsa girls and party drinks and so on, mostly harry stuff. Or you got these 95% fashion magazines.... Or you got 99% computer. Or...
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    Flaffy sappy drama series

    So some of us macho boys would maybe not like to say we follow with these flaffy sappy drama series, but the matter is many of us do. What is the drama series on TV you've had the pleasure of following the most ? Mine has been Chicago Hope, seen something like 85% of the episodes. And I...
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    Is mathematics prior to language ?

    I got this impression, but in this case, how could it be this way ?