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    Slope of the line: Wheat germ extract

    The pure anzyme was given at a 1mg/mL concentration. … The question is: How much (ug) of acid phosphatase enzyme was extracted from the wheat germ? I believe the 1.022 is in (mg/mL). Dont I need to multiply this by a volume to get to a mass? Or is this the mass?
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    Calculate the molar concentration of substrate

    Homework Statement Hello, I'm creating a Michealis/Menten curve and need to find the X values for the graph. Homework Equations These are the instructions given to find the X values: To obtain the X value, plot the molar concentration (molarity) of substrate used in each well...
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    Two Lenses

    Homework Statement The lenses are separated by 250mm. Where should the object be places so that the final image is formed at infinity? I'm confused.
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    Kirchhoff's circuit law

    Hi, I’m having some trouble with Kirchhoff's circuit law problems regarding two batteries in the circuit. I've attached a crude picture of a problem i picked to understand whats going on. So for the bottom loop I have 5V - 5v = i1 - i2 0= i1 – i2 The top loop I’m coming up with 5 = i2...
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    Electrostatic force-Coulombs law

    Homework Statement Hi, Im working on the following question. A 64 µC charge is located 30cm to the left of a 16 µC charge. What is the resultant force on a -12 µC charge positioned exactly 50mm below the 16 µC charge? Homework Equations Coulombs law The Attempt at a...