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    Trigonometric identities.

    Homework Statement prove that sin^4theta + cos^4 theta =1/4 (3+cos4theta).hence,find the greatest and least value of sin^4theta + cos^4 theta. please give hints to start . no idea at all...i start from the RHS and get 2cos^4 theta - 2 cos^2 theta +1 , then how sin^4theta + cos^4 theta...
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    Differential Equation problem

    Homework Statement Substituition y=vx , differential equation x2dy/dx = y2-2x2 can be show in the form x dv/dx = (v-2)(v+1) Hence , solve the differential equation x dv/dx = (v-2)(v+1) ,expressing answer in the form of y as a function of x in the case where y > 2x > 0 . The Attempt...