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    Electrons in nucleus? [Broken] "...which are subject to electron capture in 7Be because (like all s atomic orbitals in all atoms) they naturally penetrate into the nucleus." How can the s orbitals penetrate the nucleus without being captured? And do they...
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    Experimental fuel choices

    I'm not sure how much background someone reading this may have so I'm gonna go over it kinda thoroughly. In a turbocharged engine, when the turbo compresses air into the intake piping, it heats up and becomes less dense. If the air isn't dense, you can't put as much fuel in so you get less...
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    Chemical properties of transuranium elements

    Assuming that super-heavy atoms were stable (at least up to 118), what would be some interesting chemical properties of some of them?
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    Energy of Functional Groups

    How would I find the amount of energy that is stored in a particular functional group? I know things like Azide, Nitro, Alkynyl, Cyanides, etc. would all store a lot of energy.
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    Does Diazidoacetylide exist?

    N3-C triplebond C-N3
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    Platinum Catalyst Question

    Is there a way to determine how quickly gasoline or something else would burn at a specific temperature with a specific amount of platinum and oxygen present? Or at what temperature it will auto-ignite at with a certain amount of oxygen and platinum present?
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    Where to find phase diagrams

    Where can I find phase diagrams for things other than water or CO2? I'm looking for pressure/temperature ones.
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    Calculating flame temperature

    How could someone roughly calculate flame temperature? Lets say that a chemical reaction occurs at 1000F and the specific heat capacity of the reactants averages to 8 J/(mol x K). And the energy released in the reaction was 1000 KJ and the specific heat capacity of the products in 3 J/(mol x...
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    Why is entropy important?

    Why is it important? I know it is a measure of the disorder of the system and the amount of possible outcomes. If it always increases, why should any chemist care about it?
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    Powdered Graphite in engine oil

    From a chemical point of view, what are some of your thoughts about powdered graphite in engine oil? I think it would work very well because it would suspend particles between the graphene sheets.
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    How to dissolve PVC thermoplastic

    How would i dissolve the pvc thermoplastic on electrical wires? (with chemicals that are attainable easily from stores)
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    Oxidizer strength

    What makes something like Potassium nitrate stronger than Sodium Nitrate as an oxidizer?
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    What are quantum numbers?

    What exactly are quantum numbers? I read the Wikipedia page on them but it is just way to complicated for me.
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    What's good ball mill media

    What are some good makeshift ball mill media's I can use with buying anything much?(I'm poor till I get paid a week from now) I'm currently using various lead sinkers, a couple steel balls (as many as I could find), and some steel BB's.
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    Highest Expansion Ratio?

    What substance has the highest expansion ratio? (liquid:gas)
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    Cellulose to Alkane

    I'm just curious, what would the process be if someone wanted to change cellulose into an alkane? (I don't plan to try it. If I wanted an alkane then I could just go to the gas station.)
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    Is Diesel Phosphorescent?

    I had some diesel fuel outside and it was snowing pretty good and it looked like it was glowing bright green/yellow against the white background. Was it glowing or was it just an illusion?
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    Putting every element in a box

    If you were to put 1 atom every element in its elemental form in a box, what would be the resulting compounds? 1.) I know it's probably impossible. 2.) I don't mean highly radioactive elements (transuranium metals, francium, radon, astatine, etc.) 3.) I'm really only talking about some of...
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    Concentrating Household Ammonia

    How would I remove the water from household ammonia?
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    Structure of Dinitroacetylene

    Would the structure of Dinitroacetylene be... NO2-C(triple bond)C-NO2? If the triple bond makes it prone to exploding then woud something like NO2-O-C(triple bond)C-O-NO2 be even more explosive?
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    Liquid Neon Rocket Design

    It is my understanding that when neon goes from a liquid to a gas, it has an expansion ratio of 1:1400. Would using N- and N+ be a realistic rocket fuel? I understand that it would take a lot of energy but is there a way to figure out how much?
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    Could a black hole possibly be a giant atom?

    It may sound stupid but is it possible that the force of gravity in a black hole is strong enough to nuclear fuse all of the atoms in a black hole? Im wont understand anything complex so try to keep it as simple as possible. (also, how do you calculate mass? I dont understand the equation for it...
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    How does gravity work?

    I wont understand anything complex so try to be as simple as possible. If gravity is like putting an object on a blanket, so it makes the object attracted to the center, what pushes on the object to make it go to the object that it is attracted to. (I cant explain what im saying any better...