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    Transmission line question

    Z in =50-j10 Ohms i in=2 amps length = 2 meters Z0=75 Ohms u=2E8 meters per second beta=.3 rad/m How do I find I+ and I- at the input? What is the voltage at the load? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Converting basis vectors

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this but..... Does anyone know of a good program that will convert vectors from cartesian to spherical or cylinrical. I am (tediously) doing it by hand and would like to check my work. Thanks :)
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    Derived the expression for voltage

    The current in a 15 millihenry inductor is known to be: i = 4 amperes, for t < 0 and i = A1 * e -2000*t + A2 * e -8000*t amperes, for t > 0 The voltage across the inductor (assuming the passive sign convention) is 58 volts at t = 0(+) seconds. I need to find the constants a1 and a2. I have...
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    Node Voltage help

    Can anyone help me find node-voltage equations for this circuit. The 10V power source is throwing me. Thanks.
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    Integrate sqrt(2+2sin(x)) ?

    I'm having trouble with this. Can anyone help me integrate sqrt(2+2sin(x)) ?? Thanks
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    Laplace Transform

    This question may be obvious but I am stumped. I know the definition of a Laplace Transform is integration of e^(-st)f(t). However, I don't know how to integrate with both s and t variables included. If anyone could provide insight I would appreciated it.