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    Light through a medium

    Ok, I don't want no equations and stuff please. :smile: When light travels through a medium the photons are absorbed by atoms in the medium and then a photon is given off by the atom of similiar energy, etc, this is correct? If this is so does that mean when I look out the window that I'm...
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    Does the fabric of space itself cause friction?

    I remember reading a while ago that the fabric of space has a texture and thus would cause friction. Even in a perfect vacum a spacecraft would slow down over time due to this. Is this an accepted theory?
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    Stargazing What was the first object you saw through a telescope?

    The first object I ever viewed was Saturn back in about 1990 at a Field Night at a school set up by an Astronomy Club. I later joined that club for about 10 years.
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    The oh my god particle
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    How fast is a relativistic velocity?

    How fast do you have to be going before you would be said to have a relativistic velocity?
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    I'm holding a pole and running at a relativistic velocity

    Say the pole is 10 metres long. I run really fast into a barn that is 15 metres long. Say I run fast enough so that from my point of view the barn shrinks to less than 10 metres long due to length contraction. What happens to the barn now that my pole wont fit? The other problem is that...
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    Is String Theory really a theory?

    Hey guys. This is my first post. I don't have any background in physics so please don't just throw equations and stuff at me and expect me to understand. So is string theory really a theory? It seems to me that theories need to have evidence to back them up. You need to be able to look...