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    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    Are you saying you are a non-IP attorney (i.e. attorney practicing some other area of law)? What degree do you have from undergrad? I think there are specific requirements in order to take the patent bar (see USPTO requirements page 4)
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    Engineering Can a physics major get hired as a software engineer?

    I have a BA in physics. Ended up with a programmer position after graduation. Then I just continued that route with a MS in comp eng. You don't really need a degree to prove that you're a good programmer. I took one C++ class during my physics studies and ended uP doing personal projects...
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    Physics High-Paying jobs accepting physics BAs?

    Some CEOs are paid in the millions per year and have physics degrees. You can start your own company next Fall.
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    US Military OCS, physical scientist.

    You MUST serve a period of time in a combat zone - primarily Afghanistan or Iraq - after OCS. Otherwise don't join. The only viable path is grad school.
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    My career needs English

    I'll just take the test. Getting fired or quitting over something like this is silly.
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    Career path: which to choose ?

    I don't understand, did you studied software engineering in school and ended up in a job that's not related to it? Or are you a software engineer working for that steel company but don't like the lack of career paths in it?
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    Is it wrong to pursue a career in medicine for the salary?

    I make as much as a med doctor on a per hour basis. Going for a MD for money is pretty stupid.. Going for a MD because you love helping people and love medicine is the right path. Sure I won't get as much as a doctor per week but as least I have twice as much free time to spend that...
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    Am I setting my salary requirement too low?

    When an employer asks for a specifi salary you give them a number to work with. Otherwise it's negotiable. Average starting in the US is about 50-70k depending on location and level of degree. I started out at 58k with a Masters and a few months of internship experience.
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    Am I setting my salary requirement too low?

    Some employers would specify it as a requirement otherwise your application is tossed away. I've known some that do. $35000 is very low. My dad never finished high school and gets about 26-27k a year in an unskilled job. Also, it's sometimes not very good to offer a low salary requirement. It...
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    A career in gaming

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Cali offer some type of paid overtime now? Since most game development companies are in Cali, I think this would apply to them working more than 40 hours My company offers payment in the form of vacation hours. Time after 45 hours per week are rewarded to...
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    Job landed

    His name is YChromatic for a reason. At least he's not typing in Internet slang with terrible grammar. About you job, keep it. Finding a day these is hard, especially if you just finished college recently. It took me over a year to find work. What just happened to you was nothing less than a...
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    May we contact your employer?

    These jobs I have been applying are not at the DoD/Federal level an require a clearance; just a normal criminal background check or reference check. They are below the need of the need to conduct an investigative background check like my currently job.
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    May we contact your employer?

    I see this all the time in job applications, including for the current employer section. Does it hurt your chances when you tell them not to contact them? I can understand that for former employees it'll signify that "I got fired" or "I torched bridges". I don't want my current employer to...
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    A career in gaming

    I've been trying to get into the game development industry for some time (since 2008). I've met with those already in the industry that gave me some great insight before joining. Some really hate it and want to go back to the corporate world, some love it. But before you decide to go for it...
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    Back in school at 55: what should I study, EE ?

    Computer engineering seems to be good. Mix of CS and EE. I went CE jsut because I spent 3/4ths of my life using, fixing, and building computers.
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    Are computer science jobs boring?

    I'm a SW engineer at a defense company. Because they are so into standards, you spend 20% of your time programming and 80% documenting your code and work. Before that position, I spent 90% of my time programming at very casual company. Yes you do mindless programming throughout the entire day...
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    Engineering ROTC and Joining the military with physics/engineering PhD

    I'll have to agree with everything what Vanadium said. You have to think this through before doing anything. I spent my first 2 years in the Army ROTC and still know those who went through the whole thing. My brother spent 2 years in the AF ROTC. I dropped it before entering my last 2 years...
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    Cryptography with the NSA?

    I would suggest you look for other federal agencies and work your way through. You're going to need a job during your clearance process, since it's too late now.
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    Thinking about a second ph.d.

    300 candidates to one position seems somewhat normal in the industry. That's not too competitive in the private industry. I've applied to jobs where over 3000 have applied and I would be one of the few 20 or so that were selected for a screening and then for a face-to-face interview. I would...
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    Air Force Scientist

    Depends on your expertise and area of interest. Also, are you looking to join the Air Force (ROTC to become an officer)? Or are you looking to work for an aerospace contractor. Research or engineering? The officer route may be the easiest way into a certain field, but the pay is less than...
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    Physics Most common physicist

    Most common is what Vanadium said - condensed matter/solid state. Why? It's mostly likely due to the correlation that it is has the most practical uses to the general public and is highest in demand (computers/electronics/etc.)
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    Future Career

    Well, you can learn it by yourself and take the German SAT Subject test. I don't know how colleges consider subject tests in place of credit.
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    Engineering How much chemistry in Electrical Engineering

    Most schools require the general Chem 1 and Chem 2 courses. Basic introductory courses. It all depends on the school and its general requirements.
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    Physics Making it as a physicist

    I think he meant significant as in a cure for cancer or a water-based auto engine. Something that would revolutionized society and the science community.
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    Hi,I am an EE student and I'm nearing the end of my first year from

    Re: Uncertainties Yes. I didn't find my major until my 3rd year. Yes, it took me another year to finished school, but I finished. Science/engineering majors will find out that they won't be able to completely decide their major until they past their first 2 years of gen ed courses. If you...
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    Hi, my name is Luis and I am a High school student currently enrolled

    Re: Interview Does it have to be face-to-face? Can't you just post your questions and a number of us can answer them.
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    Reasonable time to relocate?

    I was just offered a new job that's about 3 hours away from where I live now. I just accepted their offer and will have to undergo some background/criminal checks before I can discuss a start date. What's a reasonable start date (in terms of weeks)? I know it should be at least 2 weeks from now...
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    The highest paying job in university?

    What country? If it's the U.S., I think it's one of the 18 senators lobbied by Exxon Mobile. The ability to become a NFL college, less so than a college coach is beyond any Ph D. The amount of stress they take is one of the highest. My friend use to play UF. It's not easy being a coach. So...
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    The highest paying job in university?

    Highest paying job in an university is not a professor. Usually the president. Some schools have their football coaches on salaries above $3 million a year.
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    Engineering Engineering with travel

    The Federal government, specifically the military would seem to have a huge deal of travel. Pretty sure there are some firms out there that have their share of traveling engineers. But the military is the one that first comes to my mind. Civilian of course, not an enlisted soldier.