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    Impulse divided by area equals granule strength?

    Summary: I want to crush a single layer of granules from a single material that are 400-600um in size using a flat, circular probe, which will generate a force v time or force v distance curve. The quantity I am trying to measure is the granule (tensile) strength of the material. I believe...
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    Traveling to other universes in an infinite multiverse

    I'd just like to preface by saying that I'm not in any way an expert on high-level physics, but I would like to think that after reading a few books and taking a healthy interest in things like cosmology that I have a decent understanding of some concepts, so if you could please bear with me...
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    Programs Advice for degrees in particle physics or astrophysics?

    I'm going to be a freshman in college this year, and I really want to go into astrophysics or particle physics. At this point, I really want to work at the LHC when I get out of school. I know I may change my mind along the way, but could you please give me advice on any specific courses to take...
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    Lightning strike in mindair

    I recently watched the movie Chronicle, and in it, one character is killed when he is flying in the sky and lightning strikes him (the lightning doesn't hit the ground afterwards, if that matters). Would this actually kill someone if they weren't touching the ground when they were struck? And...
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    Early annihilation of antimatter

    If a positron can be seen as an electron moving backwards in time technically, could it be that antimatter was annihilated near the beginning of the universe because it could go no further backwards in time that at the moment of the big bang, leaving only matter going forward in time?