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    May we contact your employer?

    I see this all the time in job applications, including for the current employer section. Does it hurt your chances when you tell them not to contact them? I can understand that for former employees it'll signify that "I got fired" or "I torched bridges". I don't want my current employer to...
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    Reasonable time to relocate?

    I was just offered a new job that's about 3 hours away from where I live now. I just accepted their offer and will have to undergo some background/criminal checks before I can discuss a start date. What's a reasonable start date (in terms of weeks)? I know it should be at least 2 weeks from now...
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    Second Masters?

    I'm a 25 year old web applications developer and here's my story: I graduated this Summer (August) with a MS in computer engineering. The summer internship I had turned into a full-time position and I have been working full-time since. I took it out of desperation and the inability to find a...
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    Job Skills Advice for phone interview

    I have a phone interview next week with an academic (not corporate) employer. The position is for a applications programmer in the university's school of medicine. They're conducting a phone interview since I'm down here in Florida and they are all the way up in the Northeast. What can I...
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    Did I just torched some bridges?

    So today, I told my advisor that I needed to submit a plan of study by the end of this semester. Originally I was suppose to go the thesis route, but I decided to just take the safe route and take the extra courses to graduate instead of possibly extending my graduation and failing the defense...
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    Job Skills Resume with some graduate

    I've tried googling for hours and I kept getting unwanted results. But how do I list my education if I've only did 2-3 semesters of graduate work before leaving? Is it wise to list "unfinished" graduate degrees, even if it was caused to personal problems or plain ol' failure? I'm afraid an...
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    To continue grad school or not?

    I have recently taken up a bigger interest in programming (mainly C++/C video/PC game programming). I was very impartial to programming until I took this game programming elective. I'm losing interest very fast in graduate school (in my courses, except the graduate game programming class, and my...
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    Thesis or no thesis

    I'm already in my second semester of CE graduate school. My school offers two routes for graduate students: a thesis route (1-2 less course work than normal) and a non-thesis option (1-2 more courses than normal). I need to map out my plan of study to my adviser by end of Sept. and I'm not...
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    Help choosing a thesis

    I need help in choosing a thesis. As of now, I'm still exploring. I want a topic that has sufficient prior work for me to write a good paper and research on but not too much as if it was overdone. My interest is around Web 2.0 applications and its evolution of the internet. I know the area is...
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    Need tips for a research assistantship resume

    So one of the research groups at my school is looking for "graduate students like me" - according to the professor who runs the show. They are sponsored by a large tech company and they need to review me also. I'm a comp engineering Masters student btw. About the assistantship: It's an...
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    Commuting to work

    I've been looking at some IT jobs the past week. I've noticed that some of them are about 35-40 minutes away (about ~22-26 miles). If I do take one of these positions, what is the min salary should I accept? Note: these positions aren't for life, so I'm not looking for 100k a year. I would...
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    Should I take this job?

    I just got an e-mail about this job in Texas. It's a temp-to-hire position where I start out for 10/hr for a couple of weeks and shoot up to 25/hr if I get hired. The employer wants an interview with me on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday. The position starts on the 4th of next month. Sounds nice ...
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    Graduating with a BA in physics, options?

    I'm graduating in a week with a BA in physics and a 2.51 GPA (WOOT!!!11) Yeah, well I didn't do so well in chemistry and some other general courses which caused me to switch majors several times. It looks like I'll be denied every job that asks for my GPA. Well, anyways, I feel I don't have...
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    Graduate soon - ZERO experience

    Ok, so I'm about to graduate this December. It's time for the real world and I'm completely unprepared. I have a <3.0 GPA, ZERO work experience, ZERO research experience and soon a useless? BA physics degree. Is it possible for me to get a job that pays more than min wage with my horrid...
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    Schools When do grad schools beginning to accept you?

    So, I've been applying to several grad schools for Spring 2008. I'm graduating this semester Mid-December. ALL of the graduate schools I applied wants my final transcript before they can even begin reviewing my application. Is this how the graduate admissions work? How can I choose which...
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    Input Impedances

    Would the input impedances be the same for a low-pass and high-pass filter at very high and very low frequencies? I know how the input impedance would be for a low-pass filter but not sure about a high-pass.
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    Schools Santa Clara University

    I want to know if anyone knows a little about this school, mainly about the computer engineering graduate program. I've applied to the information assurance certificate and plan to transfer to a Master's degree program later on. How difficult is it to get into the certificate program? They...
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    Schools Do grad schools look at your last semester?

    I sent an application quite early to one of the grad schools I am applying. Apparently they wanted a transcript, so the transcript I sent was one in with Fall's semesters' grades. (I applied really early, like around March for Spring 2008 entrance, so I didn't have my Spring 2007 grades yet)...
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    SoI'm dropping out, what should I do?

    I'm pretty much done with college. I didn't get the required grades for some of my classes and now I have to drop out. What should I do now? I can't go anywhere these days without a degree. Otherwise I'm stuck with a minimum wage job. I'm lost here.
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    Determining temperature of heat bath

    I have a bunch of degenerate particles in a heat bath, which I can "measure" some of their properties to approximate the temperature of the heat bath. Like energy at ground state, 2nd, etc, and their degeneracies. But I was told that the exact temperature of the heat bath cannot be measured...
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    Looking for a good undergrad mechanics book

    The one we're using is insanely horrible. I just don't like how they approach the concepts and examples. It's called Classical Dynamics by Thorton and Marion. Can anyone recommend some college classical mechanics books?
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    Schools University of Waterloo

    I'm thinking of applying to this school (im a U.S. citizen at a U.S. university). I read that it was Canada's number one school or something like that. How is it compared to the U.S. schools? Is it comparable to the top 10 U.S schools? Top 20? In terms of getting in as an international grad...
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    Schools Need help finding co-op grad school

    I'm a physics major at a US public univeristy atm. I'm thinking of applying to grad school for physics or engineering. I want to go into computer engineering or quantum computing/experimental condensed matter. Right now, I'm planning to apply to the computer engineering schools at...
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    Transition from physics to engineering

    So I'm going to graduate next year with a physics degree in a somewhat top public U.S. school. I'm thinking about going to grad school for engineering instead of physics since I would like to work in 1-2 years instead of getting my PhD in 6-7 years and then start finding work. Most likely I...
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    Schools Should I apply for grad school

    I'm about to graduate next Fall and I'm stuck on deciding whatever to apply to grad school or not. I'm a physics major ATM and would like to go to grad school for physics but that doesn't seem to likely. I only have about a half a year of research experience (probably about 1.5 years by the time...