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  1. AncientOne99

    Change of angle if refractive index changes for 10^-6

    Solution: (delta (ϑ)) = -(minus delta n) /(n*sqrt((n^2-1)))
  2. AncientOne99

    Average force and angle, collision problem

    Homework Statement [/B] Ball with a mass of 0.1 kg travels at a speed of 10 m /s to the boy. Boy kicks the ball with foot so that it bounces back at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the horizontal floor. The ball falls back to the ground 20 meters from the boy. With what average force...
  3. AncientOne99

    Wave equation, wavelenght not given

    Homework Statement Wave problem Given data : f = 20 Hz y0 = 0.005 m t = 0.1 s x = 0.4 m 1. The end portions of stretched string oscillates in the transverse direction with a frequency of 20 Hz and an amplitude of 0.005 m. Wave , which travels along the string, made in 0.1 second, 0.4 m long...