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    Geometric Optics - Magnification

    There's 1/d_I + 1/d_o = 1/f (and same for r_I, r_o), and r_I - d_I = 75, I'm just not sure how to approach it algebraically.
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    Geometric Optics - Magnification

    Sorry, I miswrote it. The object and screen moved, mirror stays in the same place.
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    Geometric Optics - Magnification

    Homework Statement A concave mirror forms an image on a screen twice as large as an object. Both object and mirror are then moved such that the new image is 3x the size of the object. If the screen is moved 75cm, how far did the object move? Homework Equations m = image distance / object...
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    Physics lab practical (Centripetal Force)

    v for centripetal force refers to tangential velocity of the rolling object, so its the velocity of the cork rolling down the ramp, assuming the cork has enough friction against the ramp to not slide.
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    Determine the electric field on the y axis

    Homework Statement Two 2.04 µC point charges are located on the x axis. One is at x = 1.02 m, and the other is at x = -1.02 m. Determine the electric field on the y axis at y = 0.470 m. Homework Equations E = k*q/r^2 The Attempt at a Solution First I find the distance from one...
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    Time a spring takes to slow a mass

    Homework Statement A mass M is attached to a spring with spring constant K. At the equilibrium point of the spring, the mass has a velocity of V. M = 8.07 kg K = 113 N/m V_o = 0.638 m/s How far does the mass travel until it stops? How long (in seconds) does it take for the mass to travel from...
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    Need egg drop project ideas

    When I did this in grade 1, I used a 2L pop bottle (one of these: - image found through google), cut off the bottom, filled it with foam sponges, stuck the egg in the middle and added more foam sponges. We couldn't get the egg to break...
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    Dart trajectory, trig proof.

    A target is suspended on a platform. A dart launcher is placed at ground level and aimed directly at the target along the line of sight (the distance between dart and target can vary infinitely). Assume a bottomless pit below the target. The dart is launched, and regardless of speed, it will hit...