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    Experimental Evidence for Conciousness as the Fifth Force.

    So I know that "Conciousness as the Fifth Force" gets a lot of hate around here, but hear me out, this is legit. So my mother always told me "A watched kettle never boils". The other day, I found this out to be true. Every morning (okay, sometimes it's the afternoon) I wake up and put on...
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    A good analogy for the force on a 2 bolt anchor

    So I do a wee bit of climbing, and an important thing to take into account when building anchors is the angles formed by the cord used to connect the pieces to the master point, where the rope will be attached. So to keep things simple here is the basic method - you tye a carabiner to the...
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    I really don't want to admit defeat, but I JUST CAN'T FIX THIS THING.

    Ugh, this is really bothering me. I'ma keep the details of the actual thing I was working on vague here just cuz. Back in January (or early February?) I got kinda bored just learning and not being involved, so I wondered about and pestered Pros and postdocs to see if anyone had something...
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    Am I being a Moran?

    So, maybe I am being a bit silly, but whatever. I want an avatar and a signature. I can not find the page/location where I do this. Do I need to be a supporting member?
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    Disappearing posts?

    Howdy howdy, I've noticed posts kinda disappearing twice today. The first was someone posting a reply to a post of mine. I check my PF and it poppoed up that a rpely had been made. I clicked on it and read it. about a minute later the thread re-appeared on my PF with me as the last poster...
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    Anti theft gate things in shops/libraries.

    Aight, so I've been going into/out of the library a lot lately to study since my desk at my flat sucks. I usually listen to music on headphone when walking to/studying in the library, and I have noticed that when I walk through the little security gate things (the two panels on either side of...
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    The amplitude of EM radiation

    Aight, so I have this problem where I think about something and then I understand it, but then instead of stopping thinking and understanding it, I keep thinking and stop understanding it. Unfortunately then my poor brain is so confruzed that I am unable to backtrack to understanding, and I...
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    Entertain Me.

    I am bored. Anything interesting going on for anyone around here? I hope for great tales of wonder and adventure. I am in the library procrastinating, so nothing too interesting here. However, I did just see a small child who was learning how to ride his bike (his dad was excited and...