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  1. steersman

    Logic problem

    In my Intro to Logic textbook there is a truth-table with the formula: (~(p & q) = (~p v ~q)) The equal sign is meant to be a tribar What is the main operator in this formula? I think it is the first tilde but the textbook indicates that it is the tribar. Does anyone know the correct...
  2. steersman

    Is time a necessary property of physics?

    I ask this becuase I see time as the free flow of cause and effect within our own consciouness. And a descriptor for the process of change in the world around us. What if all events suddenly ceased to happen - the universe completely static. Does time still flow for the physicist...
  3. steersman

    Why is 10 a base number?

    Why is 10 a base number? Why not 4? Is it because we can count to 10 on our fingers? This sounds like a stupid question I know but it's been bugging me.
  4. steersman

    Is god lazy?

    I read John Gribbon's In Search of Schrodinger's Cat recently and have spent many moments puzzling over the implications of QM. Particularly this passage: Imagine an arrangement that records which hole an electron goes through but lets it pass on its way to the detector screen. Now the...
  5. steersman

    Is an electron everywhere at once?

    Is an electron everywhere at once within a waveform?
  6. steersman

    Random events?

    I'm a physics novice who has a question for all you gurus out there. I've heard that following the laws of quantum mechanics, an event could occur twice while producing two different outcomes. How is this possible? Or mayby I've completely misunderstood. Can someone explain for me?