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  1. RVBuckeye

    Printer dilemma

    Hello, I just posted another topic on a brightess problem when viewing videos and I thought that while I was at it, I might as well ask someone for some advice about another problem I'm having. A few months ago I had an old printer, (which really wasn't very old, but I print so little with...
  2. RVBuckeye

    Video brightness problem

    Hello, I was wondering if someone might be able to diagnose and help me correct a problem I have with viewing videos online. It really is, i think, when I try to play .avi files? For example, when somebody links to a video on google, when I play it, the images is waaay to dark for my...
  3. RVBuckeye

    Car that makes its own fuel

    I haven't seen this discussed here before. If it has can somebody direct me to the thread. So, anyone who knows about such things, is this a unique idea or is this currently being worked on by several companies? (I haven't heard of this...
  4. RVBuckeye

    Happy first day of Spring!

    Well, the Vernal Equinox is upon us and to my dismay, we are in the middle of the worst snow we recieved all winter:surprised I guess this would also make this the worst snow we've recieved this spring as well. 6 inches on the ground now, with another 6 inches to a foot today. It's not even...
  5. RVBuckeye

    Roe-v-Wade For Men

    I saw this on the news today and just thought it was an interesting topic for discussion. I don't know what to make of it yet, but at first glance, I can see their point.
  6. RVBuckeye

    How much of you is you?

    I was wondering... If you believe humans have a part of us that makes us. (I suppose the easiest thing to call it would be a soul...although you might have a better word). If my soul was born in your body....would I have experienced your life exactly as you have? (meaning every thought...
  7. RVBuckeye

    Can a computer have free will?

    I was thinking of the subject today. I remembered back in high school we were able to use the new TI-81 graphing calculators. (sorry if that dates me). One of the cool features was being able to program simple games. One such game was Dice. To get more to the point, one of the functions was...