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  1. Dal

    Curious about DNA

    So,... this strands of DNA is what makes everyone of us unique and they're in every organs, tissues, blood...etc right? When there is an organ transplant, the part(or organ) that you're accepting has its own genetic stature so doesn't the body reject the new part? Once you acquired a new...
  2. Dal

    Can anyone explain?

    I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. My notebook doesn't seem to do work as it should. E.g. I couldn't run 3D modeling program and as soon as I install it the computer slows down. And when running games like typing of the dead and chess master, the computer hangs...
  3. Dal

    The invasion of the Horny girls

    Dear Admin. Please help us. There’s a threat under every subject called “horny girl wants you”. They've been there for two days so you might want to do something. Thanks.
  4. Dal

    Baby greys?

    Just wondering what our offspring will look like in a few thousand years from now. Well they look like this? [Broken] Look at it. It seems like an evolved monkey to me. I mean, the small nose and mouth, the big head, the big eyes, they all seem...
  5. Dal

    Inactive counter

    I'm new here so please help me. My posts counter is not working. It only shows 1post but I've posted quite a few.