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  1. Hydr0matic

    Which-way double slit

    If we add polarizers to the slits like DrChinese describes above, I believe there is a difference in predicted outcomes between quantum physics and classical physics. A difference I believe can be tested. Both quantum and classical physics predict that the interference pattern will disappear...
  2. Hydr0matic

    Double slit experiment - QM or wave?

    I propose a setup to distinguish between the quantum interpretation and the wave interpretation of the double slit experiment. Briefly, they are: Quantum The photon gun fires a photon that travels through either slit A or slit B, then hits a detector cell registering a spot in the...
  3. Hydr0matic

    Oscillating charge, wave shift

    Consider a charge oscillating along the Y axis. EM waves are emitted around it and hits an observer further down the X axis. The charge then gains speed along the X axis, moving towards the observer. He notes a blueshift in the measured EM wave, ie the Doppler effect. My question is... Will...
  4. Hydr0matic

    Basic Bell

    The other thread here made me read up a bit on Bell, EPR, Aspect's and so on.. An important part is ofcourse the assumptions discussed intensively in the other thread. vanesch expressed my view about this: Why isn't it obvious here that the mistaken assumption is within quantum theory? Is...
  5. Hydr0matic

    Doppler shift

    What is the difference in magnitude between the effects of normal doppler effect and doppler effect in accelerated frames, e.g. when the (light)source is accelerating wrt the observer? What is the formula for doppler effect in accelerating frames?
  6. Hydr0matic

    Investigate sum

    \sum_{k=1}^\infty (\sqrt{k+1} - \sqrt{k})(\ln{k+1}-\ln{k}) How do I go about finding out if it's convergent or divergent ?
  7. Hydr0matic

    Wavepatterns and harmonics

    so IN THEORY, there should be an oscillation pattern that yields the hydrogen spectrum ?
  8. Hydr0matic

    Hydrogen spectra

    Let me see if I got this straight... The hydrogen spectra consists of a couple of series - Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Brackett, etc - which all corresponds to a certain energy transition - Lyman (n>1 -> n=1), Balmer (n>2 -> n=2).. and so on... correct ? And since n=1 is the ground state, a...
  9. Hydr0matic

    Uniform expansion ?

    If the accelerated expansion of the universe is due to dark energy, wouldn't this cause temperature fluctuations in the CMBR - as seen by COBE & WMAP ? Is it reasonable to assume that the dark energy is evenly distributed in the universe ? I think not ... ... but if it's not, the expansion...
  10. Hydr0matic

    Static CMBR ?

    To what extent does the CMBR vary over time ? If I have understood it correctly the intensity variations in, are due to the fact that some of this energy turned into matter in the early universe. So in a sense, the...
  11. Hydr0matic

    Thermal radiation in QM

    The quanta first appeared in modern physics when investigating the nature of thermal radiation, or blackbody radiation. In a sense, it was the beginning of QM. Yet, even though I've read a lot about both BB radiation and quantum theory, I can't really tell you exactly how BB radiation fit into...
  12. Hydr0matic

    Single photons - how do we know ?

    If we were to perform a double-slit experiment with single photons, how exactly would we know that the detections registered actually are single photons ? If there was no duality, and light was just a wave, then there would have to be a limit on how low intensity we could measure, right ? So...
  13. Hydr0matic

    Blackbody math help Have a look at this site, specifically the calculation of Planck's formula. I'm sure you've seen it many times before. What I need help with is calculating a similar formula based on my own idea instead of the oven model...
  14. Hydr0matic

    News A sad day for swedes

    Yesterday our foreign minister Anna Lindh was stabbed in a mall. She past away this morning. She was one of swedens best politicians and an amazing person, friend and mother. She will be missed.
  15. Hydr0matic

    EM waves

    I have an idea that I've tried to express on this forum before but without success. There's a lot of reasoning behind the idea so it won't do no good just blurting it out. I want to lead you and see if you reach the same conclusion... So here goes... First question... In classical physics...
  16. Hydr0matic

    Expanding Earth

    What is your opinion on this hypothesis ? [Broken]
  17. Hydr0matic

    Energy in EM wave

    -> [Broken] Hmmm.... If U ∝ E2, E ∝ a and a ∝ ω, how can Uavg not be dependent on [b]ω ?
  18. Hydr0matic

    An oscillating charge

    What do we know about the radiation emitted by an oscillating charge ? Anyone care to share their wisdom ?
  19. Hydr0matic

    Chance in physics ?

    I have to ask, is there any sensible reason to believe that physical processes, let's say radioactivity, is governed by chance ? Isn't that conclusion unwarranted ? I mean, the fact that radioactiveness is statistically predictable and depending on atomic structure, is a strong indicator that...
  20. Hydr0matic

    Einstein's cross

    Tell me if I've got this right ... The light from a distant quasar is bent around a more nearby galaxy, which is acting like a lens producing multible images of the quasar.. correct ? What's up with this ? Is the lensing galaxy rectangular ? Why is the "lensing effect" producing four distinct...
  21. Hydr0matic

    Classical light theory

    According to classical light theory the energy in an electromagnetic wave is proportional to the amplitude of the wave squared (A²). Doesn't doppler effect disprove this idea ? Picture an oscillating charge going up and down, emitting two waves in opposite directions perpendicular to the...
  22. Hydr0matic

    Soap phenomenon

    To know what I'm talking about you'll have to do a little experiment.... Go to your bathroom, take some soap and foam up your hands. Make a "bubble" with your index finger and your thumb, then reflect the light from a lamp in the "bubble". After a little while oil-like rainbowcolored patterns...