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    Selection of Pump for Parts Cleaning Machines

    I agree with everything you said but this. I'm not sure about positive displacement pumps (gear pumps, piston/plunger pumps, etc.), but for centrifugal pumps it's actually the opposite due to the design of the impeller inlet. Damage is usually more severe when you're beyond BEP by 10%, normally...
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    Challenges in creating a 3D printer

    I would think you have three major challenges 1)Temperature- you have to literally melt whatever metal you're trying to work with to the other particles of metal...without sticking to your baseboard, and without melting everything else around it. Could be difficult. 2) Cost- sounds like you're...
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    Bolt sizing

    Well, thus far the problem has been finding the comparable to NAS fastener to an ANSI hole call out. I have the call outs, I know the thread counts, diameters, etc, that I need. The problem is I couldn't find anywhere that would tell me what they were. They only list NAS 144-158, etc. No...
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    Bolt sizing

    Yes, that is exactly the data I was looking for. Thanks a million!
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    Bolt sizing

    I need to spec out some bolts according to the NAS standard. The problem is that I only have the dimensions/specifications in ANSI format. Has anyone ever worked with NAS before? I can't find anything to help me figure out what size bolt I need.