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    Length contraction accounted for in relativistic aberration?

    I have been coding a speed of light simulator and I am having a bit of trouble with a few aspects of the project. My first question is: Are the length contraction and relativistic aberration formulas BOTH needed in my calculations or does the relativistic aberration formula already account for...
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    Finding average angle in kinetic theory of gases

    Homework Statement "Show that particles hitting a plane boundary have travelled a distance 2λ/3 perpendicular to the plane since their last collision, on average." Homework Equations (Root mean path squared) <x> = 2^(.5)λ λ = ( 2^(.5) * n * sigma )^(-1) ANSWER: The Attempt at a...
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    Programs Are astrophysics majors outcasts of the physics department?

    I will be a Junior this Fall at a large and well-known public university. I am working towards a double major of physics and astronomy. I was told by a professor (at a different university) whom I had befriended that due to my interests in astronomy I should expect a certain attitude from other...
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    Coulomb's Law

    I know people might think this is an unworthy question, but I want to know anyway. Does anyone know why "r" was chosen as distance in this formula? I know many formulas and most of them follow the same variable usage for measurement of distance ("s"). The letter "r" in my experience is...
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    Real vs. virtual images

    I am struggling on one concept that I cant find when doing a thorough search. System: You have a projector (known to project real images onto a screen). The projector expands light with a lens, the light propagates to a flat mirror on a wall and reflects onto a screen. Conclusion: Although...
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    Time and air resistance question; throwing a ball upward.

    Homework Statement "If a ball is thrown upward in presence of air resistance, would you expect the time during which it took to rise to be longer or shorter than the time it takes for it to fall. (use the principle of exaggeration)" Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...