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    Malleability and bending of metal at cryo temp

    I think the broadest way to frame this question would be as follows: "If a metal conductor (copper wire) were bent at room temperature, then placed in a cryo-cooler and cooled to ~30-80 kelvin, would it experience any 'unbending?'" More specific to the situation, I've bent down the center...
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    HTSC electron attraction

    This has been discussed to death around here I imagine - Cooper pairs and whatnot - so I'll try to be specific and not ask too broad of a question here. I did a little work with superconductors and I'm working on a passage for my thesis. I'm trying to provide background on Type I and Type II...
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    FET simulation software

    I'm a little outside my area of expertise here - I've used ADS to exhaustion, but now I need to simulate a MESFET I designed. Anyone have any recommendations for software? Our computer labs have quite a bit, but if there's a nice free/lite version that would be ideal. Thanks in advance.
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    Variation between S11 and S22

    I've fabricated a simple half-wave microstrip resonator with gap-coupled microstrip feed lines. It's designed to operate around 10GHz, but due to slight over etching, the half-wave portion is 5-10um shorter than I intended. What might be more significant is that the gap, which was originally...
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    On Solder and Superconductivity

    Hi all - I've got a bit of hesitation regarding the next step in my research... The setup: I've fabricated a uStrip HTSC resonator that I'm trying to characterize on a VNA. The sample is placed in a jig with coaxial feeds, and the jig is cooled via a cryo-cooler. The problem I'm having is...