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    Medical Question about the bends

    Question about "the bends" From what I understand a SCUBA diver's breathing equipment will supply him with air at a pressure that correlates to the surrounding water (probably to make it easier for your chest to expand/contract naturally under high pressure water). The higher pressure air...
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    Volume of a Cylinder/Tank

    Homework Statement You have a cylinder standing upright. Now, imagine a plane cutting the cylinder in half diagonaly from bottom left to top right. Develop a function for the volume of the half-cylinder (the top left piece) as a function of its height. Volume would be liquid rising from...
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    Chemical form of uranium in a bomb?

    I understand that uranium is typically fabricated into uranium dioxide pellets when used in nuclear fuel rods; however, I can't seem to find what form it is put into when used in a nuclear bomb. I am guessing either UO_2 or uranium metal?
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    Looking for a good textbook/book

    Right now my main textbook for school is Introduction to Nuclear Engineering by Lamarsh & Barrata ( I was wondering if you guys had any recommended texts that would cover the same material. I don't particularly like this book. I don't...
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    Help with design project

    Homework Statement I need to design, and build a scale model of something that can throw a 10 lbf pumpkin 300 feet. No variables right now are for certain other than that I know I need a 98.3 ft/s launch velocity at 45 degrees. Right now I've pretty much just been playing with symbols trying...
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    Nuclear Engineering worth it?

    Hello, I am a sophomore in college and as of now I am simply in "the college of engineering", but a few months down the line I will have to officially declare my choice for a major. Listed as my first choice right now is Nuclear Engineering. I know I want to be an engineer, but I can't...