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    I Swing physics

    A swing is suspended from a non-horizontal tree branch. Points C and D are fixed in space. All 4 line segments in the diagram have constant distance. After some initial "kick" imparts energy to the system the only force acting externally on the system is gravity. Is it possible to predict the...
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    Why zero?

    Why do we have the number zero? What makes it important? Can we create math like system that don't use zero but are nonetheless useful. What limits or biases does having or not having zero create when we do science?
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    Even plus odd functions

    I have been looking at my old calculus textbook because to my dismay I seem to have forgotten most of the calculus I learned. I am given 3 cases of ##(f+g)(x) ##. Case 1 both f and g are even: I know ##f(x) = f(-x) ## and ##g(x)=g(-x) ## for the domain of the function. I can reason by...
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    Universe is fine tuned for life

    universe is "fine tuned" for life There is some evidence that the universe is "fine tuned" for life. If the fundamental constants of the universe were a little bit different then we couldn't exist. Roger White considers this evidence of a...
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    Determining an empirical formula

    If I know the percentage by weight of elements in a formula I can calculate the relative ratios of atoms in the formula no problem. What I can't figure out is how to turn that ratio into an empirical formula. To put it mathematically how do I turn a decimal number into a an approximate...
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    Double paned glass problem

    1. Homework Statement [/b] Consider a double-paned window consisting of two panes of glass, each with a thickness of 0.500 cm and an area of separated by a layer of air with a thickness of 1.75 cm. The temperature on one side of the window is 0.00 °C; the temperature on the other side is 20.0...
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    Acceleration of magnetic fluids

    Is it possible to use a linear accelerator to fire a magnetic fluid. I have this idea for a science fiction story that uses a coil gun and liquid oxygen for rocket propulsion. Is this feasible? As always thank you for your input.
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    Constatly accelerating spacecraft

    This is not a homework problem. It is personal project of mine. Pleases help Say you have a space craft that for some advanced propulsion technology is able to accelerate at 1 gee or more indefinitely. This allows the crew walk around as in a gravity and, I think, permit slower than travel...
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    LaTeX Glitchy latex

    0 \leq r \leq 1 -1 \leq z \leq 1 0 \leq \theta \leq 2\pi \int\int\int dV where dV = r dr d/theta r = 1 - z2 weird huh?
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    Antimatter is just matter that is traveling backwards in time

    Feynman proposed that antimatter is just matter that is traveling backwards in time. If you had jar of antimatter gas in some thermodynamic state what would happen to the entropy of the antimatter over time? In my understanding matter and antimatter can interact with each other without...
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    Frames and magnetism

    You have two like charges with the same velocity and a displacement between them perpendicular to the velocity. Moving charges produce a magnetic field. The charges should magnetically attract one another. Now consider the reference frame of the charges. There is no motion so no magnetic...
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    Realism in space technology

    I didn't know where to post this. It seems a bit week on science for the forums. I had this idea in for a role playing group I am in on myspace. Anyways the story is that I am in charge of the martian space navy and this is supposedly our newest weapon to use against the "space Nazis." It...
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    Nuclear battery

    I was going to post this in the nuclear engineering forum but my question is really more electrical. A beta emiter is a radioactive substance which radiates electrons (beta particals) in all directions. My question is, is there a way to generate electricity from electrons traveling away...