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    Schools Is NCSU within my reach? And other "safety schools"

    Hey guys, i am an industrial engineering student from india studying in one of the top 5 colleges down here (NIT only next to IIT's). I am applying for 2015. and i have selected few schools as of now. I just wanted to make sure is the list i have is "okay" My profile as of now - 1...
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    Schools Physics schools outside US

    I am an indian student finishing my undergrad this year and planing to apply for masters or Phd. Are there any notable and well known physics schools other than the ones US that i can consider applying to ? Like what are the options available other than US schools for masters program...
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    Schools Grad Schools in Europe

    and would be really helpful if you could recommend any other US universities i have good shot at. thanks a ton in advance ! :D
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    Schools Grad Schools in Europe

    I am quite good in problem solving and PGRE as i sampled few questions, is almost same level as my undergrad entrance exam which i fared well so most probably some where around 850-900 ?
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    Schools Grad Schools in Europe

    There are huge resources to rank and rate the different universities for physics in US but i am blind as to what universities i can apply outside US preferably Europe. with the profile i have i dont think i have any shot in top schools and can aim only for 2nd tier schools My profile as of...
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    Which are the best institutes offering MSc Physics in India?

    hard to get prestigious schools include CMI IIST IISc TIFR IUCAA
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    Would this be a problem ?

    @alephzero as yellow flash said, yes i am going to take the course(by june or July) before my masters as i need to finish all courses to get my undergrad certificate, but just not before applying for grad school (around december maybe?) and it is not like am postponing it due to pressure, it is...
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    Would this be a problem ?

    thanks for the reply .yea i know i should, but would that be a red mark on the application ?
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    Would this be a problem ?

    Engineering to Physics and GPA so heres the thing i am an industrial engineering student from india studying in one of the top 5 colleges down here (NIT only next to IIT's). I had an accident and was hospitalized during one of my semester and wasnt able to finish a particular subject credits...
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    GR research paper topic

    thanks a lot everyone for the view, well out of curiosity , my current CGPA is 7.2 on 10 as i am doing engineering and not a physics course , when applying to universities , will my GPA affect the selection procedure ? because i find it hard to concentrate both on learning physics as well as...
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    GR research paper topic

    Hi people , i am an engineering sophomore. but after my undergrad i want to move into physics lane especially theoretical physics. for which i am doing ground works and building my profile ( as a non physics student , to get into good physics grad school i would need a good profile ofcourse !)...
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    Physics internship/gudiance for engineering Sophomore

    hi people ! well am one of those lame indian student who took engineering undergrad course with immense interest in theoretical physics. but that was due to parental pressure. okay leaving these behind, i want to peruse my career either in teaching physics or as a researcher. doing my undergrad...
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    Really confused ! help ! physics after computer science engineering

    Hi , I passed out of high school this year,as a Science student and so I had to make a decision between taking up an engineering course and a general degree. I was always interested in Physics and so I left myself only two options- Physics Honours and Engineering. i was quite good in...
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    A State of confusion between Physics Honours and Engineering.

    i am in the same state of the above questioner.....pls help me out....which engeniring course is best to switch over to physics...?....outa all the enge courses i am planin to take computer as i think i have slight inclination towards it (nt as much as phy) it safe to take it to switch...