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    News The Terminator Arrives Earlier than Expected

    They are called sentry guns, korea and israel had them for a long time now.
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    Budget phone camera

    Nokia lumia 1020 has a good camera.
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    China made swiss watches before the swiss Does this mean the swiss are making fake chinese watches?
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    News Offshore oil drilling is safe?

    Why do you think it's spin, it's the obvious truth. You might call it opportunistic. Also apparently BP was cutting corners.
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    Psi/Consciousness studies alluding to downwards causality

    This is really weird, especially theory and speculations part in the princeton link.
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    Real wages

    I did not say inequality is bad or anything. Inequality is natural, not everyone's born equal so they shouldnt earn the same. I'm not promoting everyone should have same wealth. What I said is most of the population is getting less percent from the overall wealth from government figures. So in...
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    Real wages

    I find it hard to talk about poverty,wealth etc on absolute quantitities which are susceptible to corrections. What matters more is the distribution of total wealth in percentages. As such, government statitistics show that the income percentage of the bottom 4/5 decreased while the top 1/5...
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    Famous argument against alien life

    Or there is a possibility that intelligence is inherently unstable and always tends to destroy itself before it has time to get out of its solar system. (we dont care about simple life incapable of leaving its host). Or we are in the center of the universe (as recently suggested to explain the...
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    News Gaza War Analysis

    Hmm i think thats a bit too..way too farfetched. I couldn't find any credible evidence on that, just the usual anti new world order/masonry talk which are of course always antisemitic at the background. However, I think the main arguments assign too much power to Hamas, and exaggerate their...
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    News Gaza War Analysis

    "Yes, the U.N. defines Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem as Occupied Palestinian Territory. No, that definition hasn't changed," the spokesman replied." from the same article.
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    News Gaza War Analysis

    I thought the situation for palestinians living in gaza were grave in general, not much access to anything really. So Hamas doesn't have much to loose do they?They have nothing really so they are doing the only things they can do, including this school incident. And the support you're talking...