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    Trauma causing temporary unconsciousness: what happens physically?

    I am a fan of combat sports such as boxing and martial arts. In competition a person might get hit and temporary lose consciousness, often for a fraction of a second before they regain their senses. I would like to know what is happening on a physiological level when this occurs. What is...
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    Medical How much calories i need to burn to lost 1 lbs. of body fat?

    I saw 3500 on some pediatrics website, and wolfram alpha said about ~4000. Is there a better source?
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    Medical Attention armchair physicians!

    Friday I had a surgery called Septoplasty, for a deviated septum. I have been recuperating, and I noticed this red patch developing under my left eye. It is painful when touched. I am wondering if any of you might know what this is, or if there is any sort of "nurse's hotline" I can call...
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    Medical Is this possible in the future?

    Probably not - brain tissue does decay on its own. Generally speaking, as we extend human life expectancy, we uncover new problems. For example, Parkinsons didn't really even exist several hundreds of years ago when the life expectancy was around 40.
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    Medical Cellphones vs cancer risk - WHO press release

    The truth is the issue is always going to get highly political, even among scientists and engineers, especially when cell phones are a multi-billion dollar industry. I do know that IEEE has a maximum power rating for cell phone signals, that basically all commercial phones operate at that...
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    The role of Calculus in Biology?

    Hello to all. I work with someone who is majoring in Biology who hopes to become a medical doctor in time. I believe that at least at my school, calculus is not a part of the biology curriculum. I would like to know from those of you who know biology and calculus: 1) How much of a role...
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    Humans only use 20-30% of their brain

    "Humans only use 20-30% of their brain" I have heard these claims over and over, and not once found a reliable source. In fact I haven't met a single person who says this that can even say where they heard it. It seems to me that this can't really be known at this time. What units do they...
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    High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

    Thank you so much for outright answering my question, although I do appreciate everyone else's responses. The thing that has confused me is people that go on "HFCS-free" diets. Wouldn't it make more sense to go on a "low-sugar" diet?
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    High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

    Oh great, another thread of mine with 100+ views and not a single reply. I sometimes wonder if these forums are dying :(.
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    High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)

    I just got done watching a video" that seems to say that HFCS is bad because Fructose can't be metabolized by any organ except the liver, and that it doesn't stimulate a "fullness" feeling when eating foods as other sugars do. However, this confuses...
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    Medical Origin of sexually transmitted diseases

    I'm willing to bet my ex-girlfriend is the source of most STDs.
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    How do cougars raise their young

    I have some questions about animals that I want answered. I know this is a physics forum, but this crowd is generally the most educated of all the forums I frequent, so I ask general questions here. 1. Big cats, like cougars and leopards, do they hunt alone? How do they raise their young...
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    Medical Why do we like music?

    What is it in our brains that makes us enjoy music?
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    Can cells be reduced to physics?

    Alright, I know it may have sounded like an odd question to a lot of you...I knew of course that cells followed physical laws, but I didn't know whether or not we completely understood it yet. For example, how most of us probably believe that the brain works through physics, however mankind has...
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    Can cells be reduced to physics?

    I admittedly do not know a lot about cells...all I know is that they compose life. Now, a cell is made up of thousands of atoms correct? What I do remember from my last bio class was that there are different parts of cells that do different functions. My question is, do the parts of cells...
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    Female Ejaculation

    Does anyone have some good links to RELIABLE sources on what female ejaculate is composed of and whether or not it is in fact diluted urine?
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    At-home method to test if it is diluted urine?

    Ah, yes, that's all I have to do! All that would involve is rephrasing my original question from "urine" to "urea"
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    At-home method to test if it is diluted urine?

    If someone has a liquid, is there any fairly simple at-home method to test if it is diluted urine? Something reasonably accurate?
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    Fullness, thirst

    anyone know?
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    Voices (and not the kind in your head)

    Hurkyl, I knew what harmonics were and what they had to do with timbre, however I've never known why harmonics happen, and why some instruments produce different harmonics. Why?
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    I was wondering; can drinking coffee be good for you?

    Water perhaps is one thing that could be said to be 'wholly good'. Maybe. Anyhoo, it depends on the person. People react to coffee in different ways. It's more of a lifestyle question and are you happier drinking it. It's not good physically, no.
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    Voices (and not the kind in your head)

    Maybe because it is a lower pitch? I don't see what the question is - two voices can sound alike and have overall lower frequencies (pitches).
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    Best way to lose weight

    Protein increases metabolism. I would say most overweight people can blame their problem on their diet rather than exercise. Running isn't really that great of an exercise for losing weight. Walking isn't too great either. More fast, intense workouts seem to do better.
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    Fullness, thirst

    You may have wondered why I am asking this. Have you ever had a parent say "Clean your plate, don't waste food" even when you are very full? I am looking for a logical reason why 'cleaning the plate' may not be the best choice. So if a child is feeling full from a meal and still has, say...
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    Fullness, thirst

    No, its not diabetes, I drank all that to test if I'd pee it all back out. I guessed that I would and I was right. So, if you experience satiety or stomach stretching but keep eating, are the nutrients from that food still absorbed?
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    Fullness, thirst

    What does a feeling of fullness (hunger-wise) mean? Does it mean that you have consumed all that yor body wants to eat right now? Does it mean that further consumption will be in excess and end up as waste or fat? What does a feeling of thirst mean? Does it mean that your body needs more...
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    Reason for female orgasms?

    Obviously there is a reproductive reason for the male orgasm, but why do females orgasm? Of course in our culture it is a pleasurable thing, but biologically it seems like most things in the reproductive system serve to actually help reproduce in some way. Is there a reproductive reason for...
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    Biology crosswords

    Well, yeah, of course...that only does some good if you can fit them in, though! That was the problem.
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    Biology crosswords

    Yeah, thanks..we got it all figured out too. We've been working on it and it just happened to click together once I posted something. Thanks...this is great. it feels as if a 10,000 pound weigh has been lifted off my shoulders.