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    Random Grammar Question

    I know this probably isn't the best place to ask this question but here goes anyways lol What's wrong with the next sentence/ "What do you feel when you see a smoke detector? Do you ever feel like an astronaut? No? Well, the next time you see one, try to imagine that it's part of your...
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    Debunk please: Ghost Mabel

    LMAO well said, brother
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    News Iran & US Friendship

    here's the answer to all
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    Make Windows look like MAC-OSX

    Gahhh!! why would you want to coat the worst-operating system available in this world to second-to-worst operating system?
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    Do you collect weird things?

    I'm really scared of this forum... am I going to be like this too someday?
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    Can anyone sing like this?

    Wait until he reaches puberty... :D
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    Hiyo Segway away.

    I actually saw cops on segways coupe of days ago.. going down the street in New York....
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    NFL 08 game thread

    YEAH BABY EAGLES WILL THROW DOWN THE FIELD THIS YEAR!!! WOOHOO GO EAGLES And patriots can **** *a* b**** in *** *** my *** ** d***** ** * * * ***** integral of ****
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    People won't give up their cel phones for a month, not even for $1000000

    Technology has driven people insane. It's more addicting than drugs. Pretty soon, everybody will be stuck in their cubbyholes, doing absolutely nothing but playing with their phones.
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    You HAVE to see Bourne Ultimatum

    Great movie, with terrible camera work