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    Human Powered Air-Kart (Help!)

    Is there a specific reason you want to use compressed air? It would be more inefficient than an electrical based system like a hybrid car. You can instead have somebody pedal an electrical generator at an optimum rate continuously, and divert some/all the output to the main motor or the battery...
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    Spark generation for miniature plasma thruster. (Need help, new member)

    Can you use a small relay instead of your own electromagnet contraption?
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    Feasibility of spherical wheels.

    You dont have 6 degrees of freedom on the road (in a plane), just three..unless the car is going to fly as well. The best way to increase mobility is to get normal wheels on axles that can make full rotations. It requires complicated transmission,etc but it can be done..and has been done...
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    Feasibility of spherical wheels.

    Pneumatic wheel then generates problems though when you try to drive it with the rollers, you'll lose traction there when its too soft. That berkeley thing is just a mouse. And i think its the only way you can drive a spherical wheel. There are so many disadvantages about spherical wheels...