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    Topics in mathematics

    Maybe some rudimental tensor calculus? Our electrodynamics course was based on Landau&Lifshitz. First google result: link. This is fairly sufficient and not much for an undergraduate level course.
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    Calculating Helmholtz energy (incl degeneracy)

    Hi I'm trying to calculate Helmholtz free energy from definition \frac{\partial A}{\partial T}=\frac{\partial}{\partial T}(kT\mathrm{ln}\; Z). First \langle E\rangle=\sum\limits_i p_i E_i=\sum\limits_i E_i\frac{g_i e^{-\beta E_i}}{Z}=\frac{1}{Z}\sum\limits_i E_i g_i e^{-\beta...
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    Does logarithmic decrement depend on initial amplitude?

    Lets say we have a weight attached to a spring. When releasing it under water (whole motion occours under water) at different initial amplitudes, will logarithmic decrement be the same? And will the period change? I think it should be the same for different initial amplitudes. But...