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    Gauss Law and Flux

    Homework Statement The electric field has been measured to be horizontal and to the right everywhere on the closed box shown in the figure. All over the left side of the box E1 = 90 V/m, and all over the right, slanting, side of the box E2 = 400 V/m. On the top the average field is E3 = 120...
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    Double Integral

    \int^{1}_{0}\int^{0}_{-x} \frac{ysin(pi*y^2)}{1+y} dydx Not exactly sue how to start this. I know that I need to integrate with respect to y first then use that solution and integrate again with respect to x however I do not believe integrating the initial problem is possible. Is there another...
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    Trick Triple Integral

    \int^{1}_{0}\int^{x/2}_{0}\frac{y}{(2y-1)\sqrt{1+y^2}}dydx Most of my attempts at this problem fail pretty quickly. Not even my calculator knows what to do with this one.
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    Volume of solid bounded by 2 surfaces

    Just working on some practice problems. I missed a couple classes due to sickness and just need some extra help. If you could walk me through how to do these types of problems that would be amazing. Homework Statement Evaluate the volume of the solid bounded by the surfaces (x2 + y2)1/2 =...
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    Energy Jumping

    Homework Statement Julie has a mass of 60 kg. In an experiment she crouched down, then jumped straight up. Her lab partners measured the height of her center of mass above the floor at three instants: 1) 0.43 m when crouched down; 2) 1.02 m just as her feet were leaving the floor; 3) the...
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    Kinetic energy of positron/electron collision

    Homework Statement A positron is a particle that has the same mass but opposite charge of an electron. An electron and a positron are shot directly toward each other by a particle accelerator. They start very far from each other, each with a kinetic energy of 5 × 10−14 J. When they collide...