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    What is the total magnetic flux through the plastic of the soda bottle?

    Homework Statement An open plastic soda bottle with an opening diameter of 2.7 cm is placed on a table. A uniform 1.95-{\rm T} magnetic field directed upward and oriented 21^\circ from vertical encompasses the bottle. What is the total magnetic flux through the plastic of the soda bottle...
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    Bird Collision Problem

    Homework Statement To protect their young in the nest, peregrine falcons will fly into birds of prey (such as ravens) at high speed. In one such episode, a 620 g falcon flying at 20.0 m/s hit a 1.40 kg raven flying at 9.0 m/s. The falcon hit the raven at right angles to its original path and...
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    Finding acceleration of two blocks with pulleys

    Homework Statement In terms of m_1, m_2, and g , find the acceleration of the first block in the figure . There is no friction anywhere in the system. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know...
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    Direction of velocity

    Homework Statement A new circus act is called the Texas Tumblers. Lovely Mary Belle swings from a trapeze, projects herself at an angle of 53 ^\circ, and is supposed to be caught by Joe Bob, whose hands are 6.1 {\rm m} above and 8.2 {\rm m} horizontally from her launch point (the figure )...
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    Find initial velocity with accelration as a funt. of t

    Homework Statement The acceleration of a particle is given by a_{x}(t)= - 1.94 m/s2 +( 3.05 m/s3 )t. Find the initial velocity v_{0x} such that the particle will have the same x-coordinate at time t= 4.00 s as it had at t=0. Homework Equations vx= v0x + the integral ax dt The...