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    2nd order nonlinear DE need help bad

    this is the problem: xy'' -x(y')^2 = y' my book says that i need to substitute u=y' and du/dx=y''... so i get: x(du/dx)-xu^2 = u so next the book says i need to separate the x's/dx' to one side and u's/du's to the other. however, i cannot do it am i using the correct technique...
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    Need help with nonlinear 2nd order DE

    problem: xy'' -x(y')^2 = y' what i have so far: u=y' and du/dx=y'' du/dx - u^2 = (1/x)u int[(1/u)-u]du = int[1/x]dx ln u - (1/2)u^2 = ln x +c ok, now is what ive done so far correct? what do i do next? ps: i'd like to say hi to everyon :) im new here