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    How to determine a characteristic table and design a frequecy divider

    Your inputs from the equation are X and Q so start with them XQ 00 01 10 11 from this we fill out X' and Q' X'Q' 11 10 01 00 using these columns solve Q+ for example the first part XQ = 0 0 = 0 the second part X'Q' = 1 1 = 1 0 or 1 = 1 therefore Q+ = 1 creating the characteristic table X Q...
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    Converting English to Boolean Algebra

    An irrigation system should open sprinkler's water valve = Z when if the system is enabled = A and neither raining = B' nor freezing temperatures are detected. (same as or not freeze...) = C' Z = AB' + C' as defined above the and is multiplication, the or is addition if it says not, neither or...
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    Probability question using r.v. X and Y what is W=min(X,Y) ?

    Homework Statement Y -----------1----2-----3------4 x---1----1/4----0-----0------0 ----2----1/8----1/8---0------0 ----3----1/12---1/12--1/12---0 ----4----1/16---1/16--1/16--1/16 The Joint PMF of random varables X and Y is given in the table above Let...
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    E Field of a line charge

    Homework Statement Infinite unknown line charges of 5nC/m lie along the (positive and negative) x and y axes in free space. Find E at P(0,0,4) Homework Equations E = (pl/2(pi)(eo)p)ap pi = 3.14... eo - permitivity of free space 8.854 x 10^-12 pl = line charge density ap = unit...
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    Circuit analysis questions

    for Q1: the right side of the circuit had a 6k and 4k resister in series, these 2 resistors can be replaced with a 10k resister (eqiv resistance between 2 resisters in series is the sum) so the circuit is a 40 a current source then a 5k resister then has 10k and 20k resistors in parallel the...
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    Circuit analysis questions

    Q1, 6k and 4k resister are in series = 10k resister the current through the 5k is 40amps then it splits between the new 10k and 20k resister (current divider) I(through the 20K) = 40 (10/10+20) = 40(1/3) = 13.33 amps
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    Simple Circuit Analysis: Please Help

    ttiger2k7, I re-did the problem using mesh, hope it helps.
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    Simple Circuit Analysis: Please Help

    I1 is first mesh, I2 second ... (all 3 clockwise) sum of voltages around a loop = 0 -15 + 100I1 + 220I1 - 220I2 = 0 220I2 - 220I1 + 50I2 +470I2 - 470I3 = 0 470I3 - 470I2 + 100I3 + 9 = 0 simplfy and solve using augmented matrix I2 = Ix = 0.014371 amps (if numbers are correct)
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    Q3 position if E = 0

    Homework Statement In free space, Q1 = 10nc at P1(0,-4,0) and Q2 = 20nC at P2(0,0,4). a. Find E at the origin (answered) E(r) = 5.617ay - 11.235az b. Where should a 30nC point charge be located so E=0 at the origin? (need help) Homework Equations E(r) = (1/4(pi)epsilon) sum...