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    Should I re-read theory and errors or just go straight to practice?

    Having seen your prior posts, you're over thinking it. Think less and do more. If you don't grasp the topic, practice. If you get it, move on. I agree with the other posters. OP's question is not clear nor answerable.
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    Undergraduate Math Outside the Classroom

    A little lengthy, but I hope it answers one of your questions:
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    Is that the graduate Algebra with Dennis? I hope you don't mind if I ask what you took last year?
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    Just a tentative schedule: Intro to OOP and Data Structures Intro to Topology Honors Linear Algebra Race, Class, Labor and Food in Tompkins County
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    Consider logical fallacies. In standard logic, you remove appeals to authority. In Russian logic, authority appeals to remove you!
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    Worried about a class

    I also used to have trouble with English classes and essays, so I understand your frustration. The first step to take (and this goes for any subject, really) is to go up to your instructor and ask them politely, "I would like to improve my English skills and perform better in the future. What...
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    Schools Are big name schools really that different?

    I don't know if homeschooled students can do it, but international high school credentials (such as IB or something similar) will help when applying to Cambridge.
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    Mathematical Rigour

    Depends who's telling you this. It means different things if it comes from your chemistry professor or your math professor. I'll assume you mean your math professor. First, understand the fundamentals of proofs: implications, contradictions, necessity/sufficiency, etc. Watch carefully how the...
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    Schools Are big name schools really that different?

    Atyy, I think you're misinterpreting Khan. He actually means to consider Harvard as a nameless institution, not a secret institution. For example, if just the name "Harvard University" was erased from the diploma, but the graduate would still keep the diploma. A similar kind of thing happens in...
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    Schools Are big name schools really that different?

    Context: Sal Khan is an American educator who makes video lectures on YouTube. My post refers to an interview he did with Reason TV.
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    Schools Are big name schools really that different?

    I agree. I was watching an Sal Khan interview the other day that sheds light on this: Khan: College is a confusing, muddled concept. There’s a learning part, a socialization part, and a credentialing part. The students and parents appreciate the experiential, the socialization parts, but they...
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    Real Analysis and Complex Analysis

    The point is to formalize the material and delve deeper into it. My complex analysis class also used Brown and Churchill. I can't really say anything bad or good about it; it's pretty popular and gets the job done. However, considering its content, I don't think it's possible to teach a...
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    Schools Are big name schools really that different?

    Just want to note that NYU's Tisch School of the Arts is very respected for performer, musicians, artists, etc. There's more to NYU than just Courant and homeless people on campus.
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    About Mathematical Analysis by Zorich

    Binmore is an analysis book with answers, but it criticized of "holding your hand too much". Ross has answers widely available, but it is also not as intense as something like Rudin. If you feel like you don't have the mathematical maturity to tackle a harder analysis book, there's absolutely...
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    Can I get into a BS Physics program at MIT?

    I think that it is wrong to call them conditions, and I agree with Theorem. But I think that it is even wronger to conclude that if you aren't privileged, you can't be successful. Look at the life of Sergey Brin, co-founded of Google, an immigrant who faced discrimination in his home country and...
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    Can I get into a BS Physics program at MIT?

    Colleges claim and try to consider how you performed given your circumstances. However, the demographics sometimes do not represent this. I don't have any hard numbers, this is just my assessment of meeting the students in the "top 10 college" community. All of the international students...
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    Schools Best colleges for Applied Math?

    They're both great schools, I have a friend doing math/econ at IU who loves the program and a friend doing math/OR at purdue who loves it. I would also lean slightly towards purdue for applied math considering that they offer engineering courses which may interest you and their industrial...
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    Basic rules of algebra (Manipulating equations and such)

    A good way to brush up on your basics would be to look through the Algebra and pre-Algebra playlists on the Khan Academy. I believe that they also have exercises after each lecture to reinforce the topics. Also, many Calculus books have a chapter before the core material reserved for...
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    Is this schedule going to make me lose my mind?

    Often testimonies are better to find out the time commitment for a class than the credit hour system. In addition to mmm_pasta's comment, I suggest you talk to prior students of the class. Then, build your weekly schedule hour by hour. Ask yourself: is X hours/day of free time something I need...
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    How do real mathematicians learn enough

    I'm not qualified to answer all of your questions, but I can share what I know. The kind of "head start" can make a difference. For example, the mathematician Manjul Bhargava finished his high school math courses by age 14 and his mother was also a mathematician. As a result, he conducted...
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    Physics Essay / Dissertation

    It's true that American colleges don't care about the final IB marks, but they do include in their applications a supplement for independent academic work. Considering the topic you have chosen, your EE (if executed well) can be a big advantage for your application. The EE is a project that is...
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    Physics Essay / Dissertation

    You mention Chua's circuit, so I'm wondering if your subject is math or physics. My advice would be to make a clear distinction between the two subjects. A student at my school had a very good essay in physics, but the IB examiners assessed that it was actually a math EE, so he lost most of his...
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    Should I have learned real analysis before taking complex analysis

    It was a prerequisite for me. I took complex after real and I didn't feel like I was benefitted in a major way, other than being able to breeze through some of the basic limits/continuity proofs. Of course classes are taught differently everywhere, but the main thing that irked me about...
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    Math and the Tired Brain

    This may be different for you and me since I only have about half the years as you, but I usually need a healthy social life in order to be on top of my math game. I generally try to check Maslow's hierarchy of needs ('s_hierarchy_of_needs) when I feel like...
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    Schools High School Drop-Out.

    Wow this paragraph is moving. I may cite this in a speech some day.
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    What is the average day of an Engineer?

    Hi and welcome! This may help: Disclaimer: I'm not an engineer.
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    Schools Why do the collegeboard offer Electricity and Magnetism?

    Although I did not in high school, some of my classmates took AP Physics C concurrently with AP Calculus BC. It's not easy by any means, but it's doable. By the time you start E&M, it'll be around December/January, and you will have already covered most of the calculus necessary. This is...
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    Programs Incoming Freshmen Physics Major

    I wouldn't say it's a very bad idea. Stanford Math 171 teaches much of an intro analysis book in 10 weeks during the school year. It just depends on how fast you can digest the information and how many hours you are willing to put in. I personally like summer study because I have more free time...
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    Take Analysis concurrently with Proofs Course? Smart or Stupid Idea?

    Something that may ease your apprehension is the fact that Ross's Analysis is a simple and straightforward textbook. If you plan on working ahead in the summer, Ross is very doable for self-study. You may want to check the syllabus to see if your class is doing the "optional" basic topology...
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    Schools Stanford EPGY University Level Math courses?

    EPGY is intended for a high school audience and it's RA course, specifically, has great lectures that make it not as difficult to pick up.