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    Will humans ever really understand why the universe exists?

    Also, there's a limit to self-awareness and higher consciousness. Sorry to reiterate the obvious, but I felt it was relevant. There's a quote: "Our greatest weakness as human beings is not knowing that we don't know". There's no level of self-awareness/higher consciousness that will grant...
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    Will humans ever really understand why the universe exists?

    I don't think we'll ever fully understand WHY. It's not possible to find the ultimate answer/truth. For one thing, how would we even know it was the ultimate answer. Human knowledge is both limited and limitless at the same time. We'll only ever know what we know and that IS the limit, but if we...
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    Freewill is an Illusion

    Cyfin is right. We have the freewill do to anything, but lack the ability to do so.
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    Psssssst hey you yes you click me

    I've never understood the concept of the tree falling over, but nobody being there to hear it so therefore it made no noise. I've always thought that even though nobody heard it fall, it still made a noise. Because it would have make a noise falling over, regardless of whether anybody was there...
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    What are the limits of intelligence?

    There is not limit to intelligence, but there is always the barrier of "not knowing what we don't know", but people still discover new things by accidents. So, I'm supposing there is no real limitation to what we can inherit intellectually.
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    Does Our Creator Have A Creator Itself?

    I think our supposed "creator" was created by those he supposedly "created", that is, the Almighty is just a Godly figure that man dreamt up to cure his insecurities.
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    The Red Button

    Personally, I'd rather not be the one who decides the Fate of all the ife on Earth.
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    Are we designed to inquire?

    Obviously, we are designed to inquire, otherwise we'd know everything we want to know already. The question is is... why? =)
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    Outer World and Inner World

    I think the way to overcome "inner-world" problems is through your own will power. A lot of people don't have very strong will power, so they find it hard to solve mental/psychological problems that they might have to face, but that's something that they can work on - if they know how.
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    What would your question be?

    Why do we ask so many questions? Why can't we just know the answers?
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    What are you most afraid of?

    I am most afraid of losing. Actually, no, that's what I HATE most, not what I'm afraid of most. I'll have a think about that one.
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    -Change in Mechanical Energy (Gr 11 Prac)-

    Thank you all for your help, you put me on the right track. I finally understand my prac!! Thanks much.
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    Could this world be a Matrix ?

    You've been watching too many Hollywood Blockbusters. Have you, by any chance, seen I, Robot? Robot's cannot think for themselves, they are programmed to think/act/work the way they do. I imagine robots will advance greatly in the future, but having robot's intelligent enough to think for...
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    Could this world be a Matrix ?

    If this dimension were the Matrix, I imagine a Parallel Universe would only be to happy to consider themselves as the Real World. The definition of "Matrix" is a womb of some sort, thus the connection with the pod people being grown in the movie. Considering the fact that our whole universe...
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    Dark energy + missing antimatter

    For an easy to understand explaination of anti-matter and how it came to exist, read "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown :wink: It's a great book. Meanwhile, I found something that might be of interest. The contents of this site is posted below... Particles which are identical to ordinary...
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    Dark energy + missing antimatter

    That is the most comical hypothesis I have ever heard :biggrin: Somehow, it seems all too easy to be true, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't.
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    What is a Singularity?

    Reading back on that article I posted above, I started wondering about the paragraph -- "However, in practice singularities are not known to exist anywhere in our universe except inside black holes. Instead of spinning forever, the disk will suddenly halt." Instead of spinning forever, the...
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    Are There Other Universes?

    Yes, our universe has always been that way. Just a small speck in an even greater universal force. However, you speak of other universes as though they are all connected to ours, but just so far away that we are unable to detect them. What of Parallel Universes then? Universes that exist in...
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    Free will?

    I'm not sure I exactly understand your meaning in that sentence, do you care to explain? how does the collapse of matter/light determine the presence of free will? I don't think free will is something that can be studied or captured by observation and experimentation. It's effects cannot be...
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    What is a Singularity?

    Singularity, apparantly, can be explained by observing the spinning patterns of a round coin/disk. I found this site that might interest you. Here is the contents below... Old problem, new spin Have you ever noticed what happens when you spin a coin on a table? As the coin starts to fall...
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    Heaven a way of grieving?

    Fair Dinkum. That's what I think. But if the concept of heaven helps soothe people's pain, then let heaven be.
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    -Change in Mechanical Energy (Gr 11 Prac)-

    Friction was neglected in this experiment =) And I actually forgot the measure the angle, but it wouldn't have been very accurate anyway with a smalle protractor anyhow, so I resorted to using the Sine rule. I think the purpose of the prac was to actually calculate whether the block...
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    Idealism and God

    Church attendance, I have heard, is decreasing in number every year, but that doesn't determine the fact that the world is becoming less religious -- some people may prefer to worship in private rather than in a gathering. However, it has become apparant that people are making their own...
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    Are we ever in the present time?

    I think there is a "now", we only ever live in the "now". We perceive the future and we remember the past, but if you were to say that we only lived in the future that wouldn't make sense. The future refers to something that has not yet happened, or come around. If we were living in it, that...
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    -Change in Mechanical Energy (Gr 11 Prac)-

    Greetings all :wink: I'm new to this forum, so please spare me if I make a fool of myself in this post. I was working on a Physics Practical this morning at school concerning Change in Mechanical Energy, in relation to Potential and Kinetic Energy. Although it seems like a easy task, I'm...