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    Prove that sin (n^2) + sin (n^3) is not a convergent

    Prove that \sin (n^2) + \sin (n^3) is not a convergent sequence.
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    Set into Group

    I have seen this problem a long time ago. It is really supprising, maybe you shall like it as well. Given any non-empty set we can define a binary operation on this set to turn it into a group.
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    Galois Solvable Group

    Galois Group Is G realizable over \mathbb{Q} given that |G|=p^n ?
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    Ideal Number

    For what values does \mathbb{Z}[\zeta] have unique factorization? I know Kummer shown that \zeta being a 23-rd root of unity fails to have unique factorization.
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    Fermat's equation.

    Consider the Diophantine equation: y^3 = x^2 + 2 Without using rational elliptic curves and unique factorization in \mathbb{Z}[\sqrt{-2}] how many different ways can you show that this equation has only a single solution. Historical question: Who was the mathematician who created the...
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    Good books for PDE's

    I am sure this has been discussed a lot here since this is a physics forum. But I want to make a list of what I think is good if you want to learn them. Elementary 1)Partial Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems with Fourier Series. This book is as simple as it gets. So even...
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    Degree of Extension

    Let p_1,p_2,...,p_n be distinct primes. Show that [\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{p_1},\sqrt{p_2},...,\sqrt{p_n} ) : \mathbb{Q}]= 2^n
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    Fun Divisibility Problem

    Show that for any n>1 we can construct a positive integer consisting of only 1's and 0's such that this integer is a multiple of n.