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    Matrix Basis and Dimension!

    Hey Everyone, I have this question on my assignment that's confusing me, I think I have the logic right, but for some reason Im getting the wrong answer.. Anyways the question states: If S is the subspace of M5 (R) consisting of all matrices with trace 0, then dim(S) = ? Now, I know...
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    Linear Algebra: Projection Theortical Problem

    Hey Everyone, I have this question that's been giving me a hard time, I dont really know how to do it. "Let A be an arbitrary vector. It may be projected along a direction V on the plane P with normal vector n. What is its image A` ?" I know that A + lamda*V = A` , and that we have to...
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    Optics Problem: What am I doing wrong?

    Hey Everyone.. I'm having trouble with this question, I think I have this question figured out but my answer is coming out incorrect... Tell me if there is a flaw in my logic.. question is: "Suppose that a luminous star of radius R1=1.74×108 m is surrounded by a uniform atmosphere...
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    How does that evaluate 1?

    How does that evaluate 1?? e^(2*pi*i)
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    Linear and Angular Momentum Problem

    Hey Everyone, I have this physics problem, and I'm not really sure how to solve it using linear and angular momentum, I know it can be solved otherwise in different methods, but I'm interested in this one.. The question is: "A bowling ball is given an initial speed of 5 m/s on an alley...
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    Is binding energy positive or negative?

    Hey Everyone, This is a quick question.. is binding energy positive or negative? I'm pretty confused now, because in some places the definition was: The energy released when the nucleus of an atom is formed by combining neutrons and protons. And in other places: the energy required to...
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    Quick Matrix Clarification

    Hey guys, This is just a quick question.. I have a question on my linear algebra assignment that I dont understand.. What does it mean when you're given a 2x2 matrix M and told to "find formulas for the entries of M to the power of n, where n is a positive integer" The assignment is about...
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    Polarized Light

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, why can some pictures be only seen through a polarizing film, or when illuminated by polarized light? I would really appreciate your answer. Thx, Xen0 :biggrin:
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    Matrices: Technical Questions

    Hey Guys, I was solving some practice questions on linear algebra and I came accross this one. I've solved many of its kind, but this one has a variation i'm not so sure about.. Here's the question: Let A = | 0 3 -6 3 | | 0 -3 6 -3 | Find a basis of...
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    Trigonometry Obscurity!

    Hey everyone, I was looking over some old pre-calculus exams and I found this rather obscure looking question.. It's about trigonometry. You're given a triangle ABC, and the legs are a (BC),b (AC), c (AB). You're given the lenghts of a=5, b-8, and the angle C between them is 140. The...
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    Cube Question In Space Geometry

    Hey everyone, I came accross this rather "uncoventional" space geometry question, from a dutch book. I have answers in mind but I wanna check with you guys.. Check the attached picture for the cube.. The question goes like this: This photograph of a cube was taken on a tropical island...
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    Airplanes and Windspeed

    Hey Everyone, I found myself in this scientific debate with my father on our way to the airport about the effect of wind speed on the airplane's velocity. He claimed that if the wind was in the exact direction of the plane, the plane's new speed would be the sum of both speeds. I didnt really...
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    Question In Space Geometry

    Hey everybody.. I got this space geometry question that had me stumped.. Please help me out.. Here goes: ABCD is a parallelogram. The plane π was drawn passing through the diagonal AC. If DE was perpendicular to π, BF was perpendicular to π. Prove that BF = DE please see the attached...