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    Mirrors and Lenses equation

    Homework Statement In front of a spherical concave mirror of radius 39cm, you position and object of height 0.6cm somewhere along the principal axis. The resultant image has a height of 0.2cm, How far from the mirror is the object located? What if this were a convex mirror with the same radius...
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    Special Relativity and time dilation

    Homework Statement Two spaceships are traveling with a relative velocity of 1.2x10^8 m/s, both carrying clocks. According to the captain of each ship, the other captains clock ticks more slowly than his own. By what factor do the clocks disagree? Homework Equations 1/(1-(v^2/c^2))^1/2 The...
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    Magnetism: Forces between two parallel wires

    Homework Statement Two long, straight wires with a current of 8.2A on the left and 9.3A on the right flowing in the same direction. The distance between the wires is 8.8 cm. a) What is the magnitude of the force per unit length between these two wires both in length and direction b) How far to...
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    Electric Circuit Analysis

    Homework Statement [/B] This is the circuit I need to find the Req for, the only things given are the Voltage of 7.1, and the resistance of each circuit. Homework Equations V=IR Kirchhoffs laws, the KVL and KCL. The Attempt at a Solution I have spent some time...
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    Work needed to move opposite charges farther apart

    Homework Statement Suppose you want to move two charges apart, both are equal charges of opposite sign at 1.4x10^9C, and their starting position is 6.7m apart, how much work would it take to further separate the charges to a final distance of 7.9m, that is, move them 1.2m Homework Equations...