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    Can someone help me find that reading experiment article?

    It was this one article where you read a paragraph and some of the letters were missing. You would still be able to read the article. It was done by some university I forgot the name.
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    How can I measure my own food's nutritional content?

    What kind of tools would I need to measure a specific nutrient from foods I buy with no labels on them, or foods I bake? I.e. I want to test the protein quality, kind of fats, or magnesium in the food per 10g serving. Is it even possible for a normal person to do this as little hobby?
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    I'm too much of a wuss to watch this pop-up scare video

    It's one of those scary images that traumatize you... I'm actually not sure if anything will pop up because I'm too scared to even scroll through the video. So, did you have the guts? I didn't :O
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    What kind of fun can I have with an EE degree?

    Would I be able to buy current computer hardware and mod the hell out of it? I.e. overclocking through the BIOS, but if that ain't enough would I be able to tweak the hardware to make it run even faster? Without going insane (no liquid nitrogen!) What other kinds of tinkering can I do with the...
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    I'm really bad at English!

    When it comes to learning English, whether it's writing, grammar, mechanics, it takes me forever to make sense of it. If I get around 60-70% average in all my English courses, would I still be able to fair in an engineering course? Since I have bad English skills, wouldn't that mean I'd get...
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    Ahh, little fire incident (first horrible experience)

    Ahh, my little fire incident! Quick intro, first post, but I didn't register just to post this, I registered yesterday. Decided to just start reading through and finding some tutorials. I have an interest in electronics engineering. FIRE! ... Small fire, just a little bit on top of the...