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    Integral help

    Hi everyone I am looking at integrating this function, \frac{dv}{dt}=g-\frac{c}{m}v So far i have rearranged the function to get, (\int1/g - \int1/(cv/m))* dv= \intdt Thanks JB
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    Fully developing pipe flow

    Hi As fluid enters a pipe and progresses further down, does the shear stress at the wall reduce whilst the boundary layer increases and viscous forces take over? Thanks
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    Not sure what subject this comes under, and not HW, just a problem.

    Homework Statement A plane travelling a distance of 660km, with unknown speed, has a tail wind of 60km/h, and due to this tail wind arrives at its destination 6 mins early. What is the speed of the plane without the wind? Homework Equations I have so far used s=d/t, The Attempt at...
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    Proving a 2D slider crank mechanism fits the Gruebler's Equation

    Homework Statement Need to prove that a slider crank mechanism fits the Grueblers eqaution, already done for a four bar mechanism no problem, however having some serious problems with the slider crank. If l is the number of links and j is the number of joints Homework Equations Grueblers...
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    Brayton Cycle

    When looking at a brayton cycle, how do you find enthalpies when your only given temperatures? This is not a homework question, just reading through the textbook and cannot see where got the value from? Thanks
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    Compressive Flow Experiment

    Homework Statement Wondering if anyone could give me a hand, I have created the attached graph. It shows the variations of pressure in the nozzle for different supply pressures and back pressures, in the form, P/Po vs position of the nozzle. and not too sure what its showing Homework...
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    Two Carnot Engines working in Series Problem

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with this question; Two carnot engines operate in series between a source 800K and a sink of 290K. The first engine rejects 400kJ to the second engine. If both engines have the same efficiency, calculate; (i) the temperature for the source of...