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    Torsional checking for Steel angle member

    Homework Statement I meet a problem below: To check if the angle :200x150x12 S275 Grade can take a twist of 30kNm (on plan ) with Span 3m fixed end connected. Homework Equations θ = T L / J G The Attempt at a Solution My question is that even I got the angle of twist for this...
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    Soil mechanics-Triaxial test

    Soil mechanics--Triaxial test Homework Statement Generally, the triaxial tests can be classified as three types, i.e., UU, CU, and CD tests. The type of test to be adopted depends on how best we can simulate the field conditions. In other words, the purpose of carrying out a particular...
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    Structural mechanics-force diagram,shear stress,elastic curve

    There are totally 4 questions .i struggled for a whole day and i still cannot solve it.Please help me! For Question 1: My problem is that i cannot find out the reaction Ax,Ay,Dx,Dy though i establish 4 eqt: 1:Ax+Dx=90 kN 2:Ay+Dy=90 kN 3:summation Ma=0 ,anticlockwise positve...
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    Truss,zero force member

    Homework Statement using joint method,indicate all the zero force members in the truss (Note that G is a roller, and A is a pin) Homework Equations \sumFx, Fy=0 The Attempt at a Solution my solution: consider D, by summation Fx,Fy=0, F(cd),F(de)=0 consider E since\sumFx=0,=>...