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    How to solve Pell's equation

    Just to let you know that I managed to make a program which finds the minimum values of x and y given a value of D thanks to your explanation. I would definatley have gotten stuck on the if k is even thing. I still don't understand why it should make a difference. Anyway thanks again :smile:.
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    How to solve Pell's equation

    Ok thanks very much shmoe. I should be able to figure it out from there :smile:.
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    How to solve Pell's equation

    Ok, I've done a lot of searching and looking around but I cannot find anything that I can make sense of. The Pell equation I want to solve is this: x^2 - Dy^2 = 1 Given an integral value for D that is not a square number, find the minimal values of x and y where x and y are both...
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    Final Theory?

    I would have thought this had been discussed before but I could not find any references to it in the search. Basically, what on earth is this website all about? [Broken] It has many examples which claim to disprove or disrepute common well...
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    Speed of seeing?

    Watch a car overtake you on a motorway. Quite often the wheels of the car appear to be going backwards or even to stop. I suspect experiments of this nature could be used to find how quickly we see things.