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    Total Energy of Camera Capacitor

    Homework Statement A flash attatchment for a professional camera stores energy in a capactior. When a picture is taken, all of the charge is converted to energy, and the capacitor is fully discharged. A.Assume the battery charging the capacitor is a 300V battery. When the light flashes, it...
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    Police Car Sound Intensity Change

    Homework Statement A police siren produces a sound whose frequency range from 635Hz to 912Hz. When the police car is 220 meters from from the scene of an accident, the sirens blare at 75dB. How many decibels higher will the sound intensity be when the police car is 55m away? Homework...
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    Bullet-in-Block with Spring

    Homework Statement A pellet gun fires a bullet into a stationary block of wood that is attached to a spring on a frictionless surface. When the bullet enters the wood, it reamins inside, and the bullet and block enter into simple harmonic motion with amplitude = 11cm. The bullet ( m = 5g) was...