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    What's your favorite movie?

    The Talented Mr Ripley, Get Shorty, The Mission, 12 Angry Men, Howard's End.
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    What's the point of life

    Another guy that wants to shout out his oppinion without reading all that's before him. For me it is different in that I find much meaning, but I also feel small. I'm supporised when someone says they can't find meaning in anything for to me there is so much. Maybe if you can't find a meaning...
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    Why do men weep

    I cried to Jerry Springer when I was 16 or something when I was at my friends place, I couldn't watch it and had to leave, heh.
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    PETA puts to sleep 97% of adopted pets

    "and that PETA contracts with a Virginia cremation service to dispose of the bodies." What does this mean? It doesn't mean that they have been put the responsibility by the state to take their lives if they can't find a shelter for them? Or did 'noone' know they were 'disposing' of that many?
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    Favourite Quotes

    This one's a bit consilidating for us hobby-philosophers who doesn't seem to get a deegre from it: "A good mathematician is at least half a philosopher, and a good philosopher is at least half a mathematician" - Gottlob Frege. uh, maybe not so consilidating since he ended up quite lonely...
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    How old are you?

    Hm. That's bad :/ I'm starting of myself in a computer degree. but I'm taking it at one school.. maybe that's a good idea then. I've taken a math course this spring, I was a bit late but he seemed eager enough that I'm just willing to give them money :)
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    How old are you?

    i am 28
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    Favourite Quotes

    Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. The bad thing about being unemployed is that right when you get up, you're on the job. - Unknown Not so funny: I used to be a vegetarian, but then I leaned to the sunny side of life. - Don't...
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    Smart or attractive?

    I'd like to put the question more like you meet it in everyday: Would you like your mate to be quite intelligent but rather homely? Or, quite beautiful but rather dumb? I would choose the upperone. Most of all of course I would like her to be nice.
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    What is Mathematics?

    Oh I'm sorry, that part wasn't directed at you but to others at here. :)
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    How cats control our lives

    You must not spoil them so!!! Where are your exercise studios for these cats?! And when was the last time you sent them to the military, huh??
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    What is Mathematics?

    I maybe find it weird to talk about mathematics. To me it's as if mathematics is there to tell us what is alike, and language that we and things are different and that we should enjoy it. It's as if when you do mathematics it takes control of language, and when you do language it takes control...
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    What is Mathematics?

    Mathematicians are not explorers, but inventors. - Wittgenstein. That's a bit funky line, but I don't see how he could get to that conclusion.
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    Does Plato mention Aristotle in any of his writings?

    In his work Parmenides a man named Aristoteles is there, but if I remember correctly one doesn't know if this is meant to be the real one. Cause Socrates is here also very young.
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    Best Songs Ever

    Bach Little fuge in g minor, of course Oh, its so little. SO little! O_o
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    Love's highest state: Altruistic

    Eating a tasty meal sure tastes better when it has some other meaning attached to it, eg eating it with others, or maybe to a movie, or while meditating perhaps.
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    Favourite Quotes

    Yeah. Soon we'll be told a whole lot of people will die environmentally friendly I'm sure.
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    Studying computers.

    Well I could change the 'just' with 'rather'. And liking stories alot is an exaggeration. I don't know. Religion and science is not the same, but religion can put strict practical directions on my actions, which could tamper on my plans on minor science education. I'm more thinking that...
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    Studying computers.

    You've got to understand one thing about me tho and that is that my father is a conservative guy who works in an ortodox church and plays organ, so I form alittle bit of these strong opinions. I tend to like to just work easy at an appartment store and see things around me physically, rather...
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    Studying computers.

    oh Nono I'm sorry, not being sarcastic, I'm never sarcastic :), just joking. I have some fundamental opinions about it that are negative(possibly more on personal basis) like that if we are happy enough we don't need to be more comfortable but love to work and have fun together on a close...
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    Studying computers.

    heh. I mean, I'm good at math. Not so good at language tho. But what's the good things about studying it? Or what's the point of it anyway? Or should I rather choose something languagic because I feel it's more important. Help me here... I know I'm bizarre and this is the philosophy forums...
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    Studying computers.

    What's the point in studying technology anyway? Isn't the point that it just makes us lazyier and more comfortable? :p
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    Favourite Quotes

    Yeah, we all know that. :rofl: And some of us from personal experience :blush: .....yay...... ---- "I am not my oppinions, but much rather my commitments" ................... I still wish I were my oppinions tho :biggrin:
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    What's the difference between a

    .... (major, eg. a religious) conviction accompanied by a happy feeling, and a conviction accompanied by a sad/heavy feeling? I mean. When you believe something strongly, you are happy with your conviction, and it drives you forward and it gives you life. But when you don't, your life can...
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    Vegetarians are smarter than meat eaters

    Anyway, I think we can conclude with that statistics are really annoying.
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    Mentally stimulating hobbies

    Yes, I think you make a very important point. I also think that you maybe learn most from playing characters like that, and trying out things. The existiential part. It goes with that we always has to push that button don't we, even if we really know we shouldn't. I like to think of it as...
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    Favorite All Time Book(s)

    So far Lord of the Rings, White Fang by J. London, 1984 by Orwell, and Crime and Punishment by Dostojevskij. D. writes really really obsessivly.
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    Mentally stimulating hobbies

    Do roleplaying. It's storytelling, drama, social, art, intelligent, existential, exciting, you can make the story whatever you want, and it contains alot of puzzling, all at once. Shouldn't cost too much either, especially if you're a player and not gamemaster. Writing is also another...
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    Favourite Quotes

    - We're not alike other animals in that we can't choose, but in that we have difficulty of seeing beyond our own race. me
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    Importance of words vs importance of talent

    I'm gonna ask a personal question. But wouldn't suprise me as also a classical philosophical question. And which I thus also really believe others have benefit from also. I'll also ask it through 'I' form, through me, so to to deliberately make it more alive. It has a general philosophical side...