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  1. brymcfly21

    Job Skills After a BS in physics, what are the skills needed for employment?

    Hello all, So I am looking for advice on what my next move should be after graduating with my bachelors in physics this May. I have quality engineering internship experience but every job I’ve applied to only wants to hire people with actually engineering experience and not entry level type...
  2. brymcfly21

    Programs Engineering vs physics major

    Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore at a big university in the US and I might transfer to another university soon. I have been conflicted with choosing between physics and engineering for the past 2 years. I love astronomy and is the only academic passion I have besides earth science and...
  3. brymcfly21

    Engineering Physics or engineering? Going into university this fall and still unsure

    So I will be entering my big state U in two weeks as a freshman. I have down physics as my major because I have such a passion for the sciences and math however I am very torn if this is a right choice. I applied to my schools engineering school for the spring semester yet look through job...
  4. brymcfly21

    Programs Applied physics or engineering physics

    I know I see many forums with this question but I still want to know which is the better choice. I am a senior about to graduate and go to University. I originally wanted to do pure physics undergrad and possible go for astrophysics in phd but I realize getting a job in that is very hard. So my...
  5. brymcfly21

    Programs Applied physics degree?

    Is this basically engineering physics? Is this a good idea for someone who loves the concepts of physics but wants a good chance in the job market? Thank you
  6. brymcfly21

    Physics masters or phd?

    I really love physics, but getting a job in this field is not bright at all. Getting a phd will result in post docs and not having a permanent job until I'm 30. Should I just go for a masters and land a job in the industry ? And what job in the industry would be interesting enough for me not to...
  7. brymcfly21

    Engineering Astrophysics or physics/computer engineer double major?

    Hello guys, I'm a high school senior still unsure what to do. I have a passion for astrophysics and would love to pursue a phd in it but there being a possibility of not having a permanent job by 30 is scary. Should I take the safe route and go for computer engineering and double major with...