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    Thacker Cosmology

    here is an alternative cosmology site I found on the net the theories outlined here should keep you busy for a while since the site is copyright protected I will only post the link and not the actual text from the site Reinventing the Universe take the time to read each theory...
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    Time Dilation Paradox

    Time Dilation Q&A The following questions explore the mechanics behind the theory of relativistic time dilation NOTE* this is not a topic for questioning the validity of time dilation - replies are expected to provide logical solutions based on relativistic principles it is also not a...
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    Light and Entropy

    let's see if anyone can answer the question of why c (lightspeed) a universal unyealding constant does not violate the laws of thermodynamics - especially entropy from what energy source do free photons in space draw the limitless power to travel at 299792458 m/s and no other speed? what...
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    Michelson - Morley Experiment Revisited

    okay! now I would like to discuss the problems with the Michelson - Morley Experiment [link] I believe the experiment was flawed, both technically and conceptually due to crude (19th century) methods and ill conceived assumsions for example: why should aether form an absolute reference...