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    Forced undamped non-linear oscillator

    Homework Statement The equation of motion of a forced undamped non-linear oscillator of unit mass is given by a+s(x)=Focoswt. Writing s(x)=s1x + s3x3, where s1 and s3 are constant, choose the variable wt= ϕ, and for s3<<s1 assume a solution x=\sum(n=1 to ∞)(ancos[(n/3)ϕ]+bn sin[(n/3)ϕ]) to...
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    Electrostatics - spherically symmetric charge density

    I apologize for taking so long to reply... thank you to everyone who posted! :-) I am working out the problem now with your suggestions. If I find myself stuck again, I will be back... and I promise not to take a year to reply next time.
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    Electrostatics - spherically symmetric charge density

    Homework Statement Imagine a spherically symmetric charge density p(x) = Cr for r≤a and 0 for r>a (a) determine the electric field E(x) and potential V(r). Notice that V(r) and E(x) are continuous at r=a. (b) Now suppose additional charge is placed uniformly on the surface at r=a, with...