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    Doing the following integral

    I haven't done basic integrals for awhile...but just wondering how you would integrate the following functions without looking it up in the integral table. (x^2+a^2)^(-3/2) where a is a constant. Thanks!
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    Finding the particular solution of DE

    I have a nonhomogeneous DE and wants to find the particular solution for Asin(x)sin(t) Is there any tips in using method of undetermined coefficient to guess the particular solution of this?
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    Introduction to Fourier Integral

    I have a homework question asking to construct an orthonormal system from the three functions: 1, x, 3x^2 - 1, I know we can approach it using linear algebra method, but as this is a calculus course, I don't think that's what my prof wants us to use. Can anyone guide me through this? Thanks a bunch!
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    Finding an orthonormal system

    Hey, I've taken linear algebra a long ago, and now came across a simple-looking question that i need help with Construct an orthonormal system from the three functions: 1, x, 3x^2 - 1 Can anyone give me a pointer to solving this question? Thanks a bunch!:blushing:
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    Power series

    Hi I"m having truoble with fnding the power series of the following::frown: 1+(x^3)/3+(x^6)/18+(x^9)/162+... Can anyone give me a hand? Also, any hints in finding a power series? Thanks !