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    So, basically

    what IS allowed to be discussed on these forums?;P I mean as persons with scientific view on world and universe...arent you ashamed or dont you feel there's something wrong with this picture? Is it not better to discuss and try to understand things, even if they are bad or illegal...
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    Suicide THE fundamental right?

    is suicide the individuals most basic and fundamental right? is it incosiderate for individual to kill himself and deprive his family and society of himself, since it is in most cases the circumstances and inconsideration of the society that is the cause of this?
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    Pleasure & Pain dynamics

    What I am really curious about; Some people say that there can be no day without night, or no pleasure without pain. let's take a drug abuser for example; he needs more and more heroine or whatever if he is using it on a regular basis, to be able to shoot endorphines to the same level he...
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    News Are you blind?

    I would like to clear one single most important (and OBVIOUS) issue that almost everyone here has a problem with. I'm really tired of arguments why was Iraq invaded and why France didn't want US to invade iraq and why russia even more didn't want it. And why would they do it if saddam wouldnt...