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    How does the Xenon Flash in Lumia; or, if fact any compact device work

    I don't need basics, I know the causes how xenon flash "works" ; I need to know how do they minimise this kind of circuit in microprocessor? My question: The Flash tubes require kVs of potential difference to work. I am aware that big capacitors are required to make them work. This is okay...
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    Applications of derivative Question> Tangents

    The motive was to find the tangent.. But I cant seem to find it.. when I plot the graph to this yperbola, I just CANT figure out how to proceed! HELP! PS: This question was in exams today.. If the question is missing some info, please mention -.-
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    Electrostatics question. just need a bit direction.

    I was trying to solve this one, but couldnt come up with any way to start. In 1959 Lyttleton and Bondi suggested that the expansion of the Universe could be explained if matter carried a net charge. Suppose that the Universe is made up of hydrogen atoms with a number density N, which is...
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    Quadratic problem. any other method?

    quadratic problem. any other method?? 1. Thie problem statement, all variables and given/known data I was solving this question paper and came across the second problem : [Broken] I wanted to solve this one by calculus. I want to know...
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    Complex power raised over real number.

    1. I actually dont know if such kind of operation is even allowed. A friend of mine raised this question, that can we raise a complex power over a real number. I solved it this way. Is this correct? Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at...
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    Electrostats, Gauss Theorem qusetion: Struck in middle

    1. The question is to find the volume charge density. Given is non uniform, but spherically symmetric electric field, E=K.r4, K being a constant. Original question can be viewed in image: * Question no. 53 Homework Equations Answer is: ρ=6Kr3ε The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Electrostats, Electric potential question. Need a little direction.

    Homework Statement Two point charges 2q and 8q are placed at a distance r apart. Where should a third charge -q be placed between them so that the electrical potential energy of the system is minimum. a). at a distance r/3 from 2q b). at a distance 2r/3 from 2q c). at a distance r/16 from 2q...
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    Need help for integration

    1. F= 5y i + 6x j (in component form) Find the work done in displacing from (0,0) to (3,4) 2. W= ∫F ds in this case, W= ∫5y dx + ∫6x dy With lower limits 0,0 And upper Limit 3,4 3. Now My question, how do i integrate when variables are different?