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  1. shintashi

    B Mobility in a Strong Gravity Environment vs. Moving Mass?

    This is a basic conundrum that has bothered me for years: if you or a species like you is "adapted" to Twice Gravity (or any other multiple of 9.8m/2 squared) and your life functions and capacities are near identical, How strong/fast are you? Compared to 1G? See, this is the issue of mass vs...
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    Can Phonons and/or Thz+ Acoustic FX cause Ionizing Radiation?

    For example: Can these devices produce ionizing radiation? I understand ultrasound traditionally does not produce ionizing radiation, but I am...
  3. shintashi

    B What is the energy required to approach near absolute zero?

    I'm trying to understand if the amount of effort/energy required to get to absolute zero approaches infinity, or if its a linear thing... is there a point in which dropping near 0 kelvin changes from a 1:1 to an exponential curve? Is the whole thing a curve or is there a static point, like 1...
  4. shintashi

    B Is there a Relativistic Quantum Chemistry Table?

    Wiki said "Arnold Sommerfeld calculated that, for a 1s orbital electron of a hydrogen atom with an orbiting radius of 0.0529 nm, α ≈ 1/137. That is to say, the fine-structure constant shows the electron traveling at nearly 1/137 the speed of light.[9] One can extend this to a larger element with...
  5. shintashi

    B 100sqft wormhole from sea level to outer space?

    Hypothetical scenario and I'm trying to understand the velocity of the air as it tries to equalize with a large vacuum. I presume this model isn't very much different from an initial loss of 1 atmosphere pressure in space via some puncture. I'm mainly concerned with the immediate wind speeds and...
  6. shintashi

    Friction of a Wheel on the Axle?

    From a grinding wheel, I'm able to intuit that as an object increases in speed, the amount of friction inch per inch is constant, while the total friction occurring per second increases, and that increases heat, which can lead to friction welding. So im trying to understand the other mechanical...
  7. shintashi

    Friction of a Wheel on the Axle?

    right, so a simple machine comparison, lets revise how this is being asked, as briggs seems closer to what I'm asking. if you had an axle with a radius of 11" and a wheel of radius 12" wrapped around it, (11/12) (no ball bearings), so you have direct contact, and friction as the wheel rolls...
  8. shintashi

    Friction of a Wheel on the Axle?

    So say ive got a wheel who's outer radius is 12" and the radius of the axle is 1.5", so the simple machine here is an 8 to 1 ratio. So im wondering, since 1/2mv^2 is for kinetic energy, and the velocity here is 1/8th, does it mean the friction is 1/8th or 1/64th? does it get 1/8th hotter or...
  9. shintashi

    Spiders Flying by Electrical Charge

    Recently the media had a buzz about the testing of spiders ballooning on electrostatic or magnetic and wind currents. Scientists were able to cause the spiders to lift and descend by changing the electric field in the air. So I'm wondering, if that's true then does the "wing" (in this case fine...
  10. shintashi

    B When do we use which notation for Delta and Differentiation?

    I was taking notes recently for delta y/ delta x and noticed there's more than one way to skin a cat... or is there? I saw the leibniz dy/dx, the triangle of change i was taught to use for "difference" Δy/Δx, and the mirror six ∂f/∂x which is some sort of partial differential or something...
  11. shintashi

    B Equations vs. Functions Quadratic and Cubic?

    ok, so, to clarify vertical rule applies to y = f(x) = x^2+x^4+x^6... y = f(x) = x^1+x^3+x^5... or a combination of any of these, and because they are not subject to a horizontal rule, they are still functions... But, horizontal rule applies to x = f(y) = y^2+y^4+y^6... x = f(y) =...
  12. shintashi

    B Equations vs. Functions Quadratic and Cubic?

    here's a comparison graph of what my brain was thinking but had turned 90 degrees. So do functions of y exist and do the rules for non functions remain vertical lines or do they switch to horizontal lines?
  13. shintashi

    B Equations vs. Functions Quadratic and Cubic?

    ah, i was thinking with a rotation of 90 degrees with my x and y reversed (in blender Z is vertical and X and Y are subjective) f(y) doesn't work with the above formulas if a function is canceled by a vertical line. for example: x = y^3, x = y^1, x = y^3+y^5, x = y^3+y^7 all of these produce...
  14. shintashi

    B Equations vs. Functions Quadratic and Cubic?

    So if i take the rules that a straight vertical line drawn through the function with more than one intersection implies it is not a function, to mean that the quadratic equation for a circle is not a function. Furthermore, it also implies a cubic equation, such as x^3 can be a function, because...
  15. shintashi

    Lens Math for a Semicircle and Vesica Piscis?

    Hi, I'm trying to find the way that light (sunlight?) distorts through a lens with a diameter of 1, if the lens has the shape of a semicircle (width of 1/2), and if the lens has the shape of a Vesica Piscis (width of 1/√3). if you need units, yards works. I'm also curious about how that light...
  16. shintashi

    A How is Inaccessible Cardinal Written?

    if it didn't sound weird, how could it possibly be inconceivable? There's a philosophy term for this stuff "Noumenal" stuff we aren't supposed to make sense of.
  17. shintashi

    A How is Inaccessible Cardinal Written?

    I have been to that wiki article and could not find where it labeled itself symbolically. Did find this: under this other wiki article: "The Absolute Infinite (symbol: Ω) is an extension of the idea of infinity proposed by mathematician Georg...
  18. shintashi

    A How is Inaccessible Cardinal Written?

    I'm writing some notes on set theory, Aleph Null, etc., and was wondering if there's a Notation or Symbol that abbreviates this (inaccessible/strong/uncountable etc. cardinals). I'm not sure if ive seen notation before but it seems like symbols resembling Theta and phi have been used.
  19. shintashi

    B What is the name of this triangular geometric shape?

    it is true that it has some octagonal properties, but what's really interesting is how it expresses an X^2 expansion using a 3/6 side. There's an infinite number of surfaces, as you go further and further up, each is half the height and 1/4 the surface area of the previous. From the top, if you...
  20. shintashi

    B What is the name of this triangular geometric shape?

    I used to think it was called Zeno's tower, but then realized I probably called it that because it reminded me of his paradox. I have been unable to find this shape on the internet, although I saw a small steel tower outside Stonybrook using this geometry. I have attached an image of the basic...
  21. shintashi

    I Equidistance of Points in a Sphere?

    every vertex must have the same number of closest points. That's the problem. A Pyramid can seem equidistant with a length of one, but doesn't conform to sphere geometry like a tetrahedron would.
  22. shintashi

    I Equidistance of Points in a Sphere?

    I've been trying to wrap my head around equidistant points, like platonic solid vertices inside a sphere where the points touch the sphere surface. This led me to the strange and unusual world of mathematical degeneracy, henagons, dihedrons, and so on, along with the lingering question of...
  23. shintashi

    Automotive Flying Hypercars?

    Recently the Bugatti Chiron set a record of some sort for rapidly accelerating to 249 mph and then dropping back down. The engine is something to the effect of 1500 horsepower and the vehicle isn't terribly heavy. Old Airplanes had engines below 400 horsepower and ultra lights can be far less...
  24. shintashi

    Tesla fans help me out

    Things you might want to address on Tesla, if you can find photos/diagrams and/or news articles. * an electric car * the remote control boat used at the world's fair (you definitely want to mention that and his hydroelectric dam work at Niagra) * Radar and his work for the navy * and the strange...
  25. shintashi

    What happens with counter rotating gyroscopes?

    I was thinking about retro rockets for landing and how precise they have to be, but then i thought "you could stabilize the whole thing with a gyroscope". Then I realized the gyroscope would cause the landing shipment to rotate in the opposite direction. So I thought, hey, why not two...
  26. shintashi

    For gear teeth to linear shaft, what's the center point?

    Yeah agreed, when i was doing a 3.5mm tooth, i ended up using 1.75 addendum, 1.75 dedendum, and the radius (the circle between) was somewhere in the two, but larger by 1.75mm i think (I played around with it for a while). This was a design for a mini drill press. :)
  27. shintashi

    For gear teeth to linear shaft, what's the center point?

    I used to know this back when i worked with Flash animation, but I'm working on a 3D printer now and I've forgotten, when you have a set of teeth, on a linear shaft and a gear, do you base the unrolling of the gear, for the spacing, on the inside of the teeth, the outside of the teeth, or the...
  28. shintashi

    Coil Winding Orientation and Pattern...

    I do not understand what Lk and Cww means so i have no idea if they will go up. I was wondering though if there were any pros to match whatever cons the alternative coiling method might have, and how the magnetic field lines would look different. :)
  29. shintashi

    Coil Winding Orientation and Pattern...

    here's 3 crude Images to explain what I mean by method 1. Each coil connects to the second coil, but they swap connecting points from inside to outside to inside repeatedly from one disk to the next.